Eono PLA Filament Review Standard PLA, Silk Or Rainbow

Eono is a Chinese manufacturer that makes 3D printer filaments. They produce Eono PLA filament using virgin NatureWorks Ingeo plastic pellets made in the USA. Eono Silk Rainbow PLA, Eono Silk Pink PLA  and Eono Red PLA  are all a full 1KG 3D printer filament reel, with a 0.05mm diameter tolerance. Initial impressions are good. The packaging is sturdy and has the company logo printed on it. The rear of the box proudly proclaims Eono by Amazon and lists the details of the filament in multiple languages. The Spool itself has a sticker on it offering advice on print settings. The filament appears nicely wound and vacuum packed with a desiccant bag to prevent moisture the bag is also resealable.

Eono Red PLA Filament

Model NameDesignd ByWhere To Get the STL FileSlicer Profile
Print in Place Engine BenchmarkTurbo_SunShineThingiverseCR10S Pro
Acoustic Guitar Wall HangerSokolik83ThingiverseCreality CP-01
Jaguar SS100 RC Car
3dTLAC3DemonCR10S Pro
love sculpturedraydeThingiverseBiqu B1
Romantic Tealight HolderHELDERSANTOSCults3DBiqu B1

Acoustic Guitar Wall Hanger

With my other machines currently mid-print, I popped the Eono Red PLA onto my Creality CP-01 3D printer. Many people underestimate the printing capabilities of this little machine. I have spent over a year dialling mine in and modifying it perfectly, as it was one of Creality’s original beta test machines of which I assisted on debugging. Watch out for a future article on this machine and its foibles.

Levelling the bed and giving it a wipe over with Isopropyl alcohol, I dived right into the deep end. Needing a new wall mount for my guitar, I downloaded one from Thingiverse, set my printer temps to where I start 210°C and 50°C bed with a layer height of 0.2mm and set the printer off using 50% infill for strength. A little over 5 hours later I have my guitar mount. At 50% infill it feels rigid, the finish is perfect. There are no signs of uneven adhesion or stringing.

Print in Place Engine Benchmark

Deciding to move the red Eono PLA filament to my CR10S Pro 3D printer, I set off to 3D print one of my favourite test pieces of the print in place Benchy Engine. Printer settings of 0.2mm, 190°C on the hotend, 50°C on the bed, and 20% infill. Away we go! Print complete! I was pleased that it only needed a little twist to free the parts, allowing the engine to rotate. The print accuracy of Eono filament is astonishing, and the lack of surface artifacts makes post-processing a joy.

Jaguar SS100 RC Car

In a last-minute addition, I decided to use the Eono filament to complete the body of my Jaguar SS100 RC Car from 3dTLAC whom you may recall from Michaels article I hope to do a more complete write-up n this in the future as it is still a work in progress

Love Sculpture

The love sculpture is another amazing idea for presenting romantic models to your loved one. Therefore, you need to let everything else go out of schedule as this love sculpture will help you make your valentine’s day.

Romantic Tealight Holder

From among the romantic 3D models, this one stands out. You might think about why and how this one stands out from the rest. Well, it’s simple, this design is very famous among couples for this valentine’s day. So do not miss your opportunity to impress her with the cute things to 3D print.

Eono Silk Rainbow PLA Filament

Model NameDesignd ByWhere To Get the STL FileSlicer Profile
Customizable Box heartThingiverse (link)ThingiverseArtilery Sidewinder X2
The 3D Printed Marble Machine TulioThingiverseArtilery Sidewinder X2
Articulating Void Sea DragonCinderwing3DCults3DArtilery Sidewinder X2
3D BenchyCreativeToolsThingiverseArtilery Sidewinder X2

Trinket Love Heart Box

A box in a shape of a heart ideal for proposing to someone you love by placing a silk cushion in the box with the engagement ring on top. Or just something simple and cute, filled with sweets and wrapped in a bow. The designer has made the lid sit in a recess for a nice fitting so there’s no movement. There are other styles that Thingiverse has made from a cat, puppy, and MakerBot.

The 3D Printed Marble Machine

Are you looking for something fun that is a little different to 3D print? Then why not try out this STL file of a 3D printed marble machine? This 3D model works incredibly well by placing marbles in the slots. By turning the cap, the marbles will travel back and forth up the spiral. Eono Silk Rainbow PLA is excellent for bigger models.

Articulating Void Sea Dragon

This is an easy 3D print with lots of detail, so make sure your retraction settings are good! Or the articulating Void Sea Dragon won’t work. The smaller you print with Eono Silk Rainbow PLA the 3D model, the harder it will be to get a successful print, as the tolerances will be a lot smaller. But the bigger you print it the easier it will to move more freely. Be prepared on waiting for HOURS for the Sea Dragon to start swimming. Cinderwing has 4 different styles of articulated dragon she could have more on the way.

3D Benchy

For those who are new to 3D printing, the benchy is one of many torture tests designed for calibrating your 3D printer. Or if you want a fun, quick model for a child to play in the bath with, this is the one.

Eono Silk Pink PLA Filament

Model NameDesignd ByWhere To Get the STL FileSlicer Profile
Caterham Super 7Fab365Fab365Creality CP-01
Sweetheart CollectiontimcelThingiverseBiqu B1

Caterham Super 7

With my other machines currently mid-print, I popped the Eono Silk Pink PLA filament onto my Creality CP-01 3D printer. Many people underestimate the printing capabilities of this little machine. I have spent over a year dialling mine in and modifying it perfectly, as it was one of Creality’s original beta test machines of which I assisted on debugging.

The folding sequence is a bit complicated.
1. Insert the rear wheel into the body.
2. Fit all tires.
3. Connect the tie rod to the opposite wheel.
4. Connect the front body as if wrapping it from the top to the bottom of the steering system. And press it up and down to connect it tightly.
5. Glue the rear wheel cover to the rear body. And connect this rear body to the back of the mainframe.
6. Fit the front wheel cover to the hole in the steering system. This front wheel cover serves to securely fix the tie rod.
7. Insert the rest of the parts (head lamp, steering wheel, windshield, muffler, soft top, etc.) to complete.

Sweetheart Collection

As the name suggests, this sweetheart collection is made for your loved one. Make her feel special on this valentine’s day by presenting her with these romantic models. Eono Silk Pink PLA is an ideal colour for this model.

Customer Reviews For Eono PLA Filament

Duncan Blackwell – 8 June 2021
This is the first time I’ve used any brand of silk filament. I’ve heard all sorts of stories about it’s difficult to print, or it’s stringy and doesn’t stick to itself.
I can honestly say I’ve not had any issues. I loaded the filament into my Prusa mk3S, selected the print and pressed go. All standard settings. It’s sticks to the bed very well, almost too well as it leaves a slight residue when the print is removed, but it’s easily cleaned off. The colour is very bright and shiny. Take a look at the pictures and see for your self. The gold is the EONO filament. The rose gold and red gold are a different brand. This is a jewelry box I printed for my fiance’s birthday present.
I’ll happily buy this filament again.
Jonzy – 24 November 2020
I was asked for a load of bird feeders for friends now. it’s getting cold, needed five off based on a design on Thingiverse. i had limited time to get these done by the time someone was driving by the front gate. Printed at.3 layer height, 45c pei spring plate and this sticks like glue, 50mms first layer at 220c, then 80mms at 215c to print fast. Printed base and lid at the same time on my 330×330 core xy, no stinging with just 3.2mm retract at 100mms, 140mms travel speed. Literally pinged off the bed and printed the next ones in the production line. No jams, no faults, just printed fine, will use again .
Root – 4 February 2021
First of all, let me say that I didn’t expect this filament to be really strong, but it is so weak and brittle that it’s useless for anything with the slightest bit of movement. Comparing the two clamps in the picture (which are test prints for part of a print and the clamp will just secure something on a shelf) you can see the difference. The white PLA has been tightened as much as you can and still didn’t break. The gold filament cracked just from REMOVING THE SUPPORT!! I never even got as far as trying to tighten the clamp!

I also printed a killbot mini (which is a print in place articulated model. I’ve printed several for the kids with other filament and they are fine. With this, however, it literally just fell to pieces – even with loads of support. Just lifting it off the build plate caused it to disintegrate! I didn’t bother including a photo of lots of little tiny bits of shattered print!







Where To Buy Eono PLA

Eono Red PLA filament is fairly priced at £22.79 on Amazon UK and earns the rating given for that reason alone. My other critique is the lack of color selection Eono has. At the time of writing, only White, Black, Red, and Grey are available in standard. Also Copper, Silver, Gold, and Pink in Silk Pla interestingly, the Eono Silk PLA filament is currently only £22.79 on Amazon UK. And for the Eono Silk Rainbow a whooping price of £25.99 on Amazon UK it is also much cheaper than Eryone’s Silk Rainbow and it has a lot better transitions too. (Prices will change)

Eono Filament Review Conclusion

Packing is robust and will ensure the filament does not degrade in storage prior to sale or in transit. Prints on all 3D printer that were tested with Eono filament range were outstanding. And the ease of set up without messing with settings made it a pleasure to use. Yes, the Artillery Sidewinder X2 needs some work done to make it print perfect, but the quality of the Eono Silk Rainbow PLA filament is outstanding by far my favourite rainbow filament that iv used.

My only criticisms are; one I always have with the solid-sided spools. Is that I like the windows showing how much filament is left! Even better if they have a percentage mark on them. The Eono Red PLA filament I tested appears more orange in the photos, but it is red. The filament is wound up great, not overlapping or tangled up.


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