Eryone Maflex Build Plate – Its magnetic-ent!

You may have seen all the different build surfaces out there of which you can apply to your 3D printer. Glass, mirror, PEI sheet, buildtak surfaces, and sprung steel. I first heard about the sprung steel from Wham Bam, and as a result, Eryone has come out with the Eryone Maflex build plate.

What do we get?

I ordered from Amazon for delivery the next day (gotta love Prime), and it comes neatly packaged in it square cardboard box Inside you will have some foam inserts to protect the build plate. The Eryone Maflex build only comprises of 2 parts. The magnetic sticker sheet and the spring steel bed, which has a PEI coating on it. There is a warning label not to take this off – Take note!

How to apply for the Eryone Maflex build plate

This step is straightforward. Remove your bed clips as you will no longer need those. Secondly, your build surface (If removable). If you have a build surface already on your print bed, I don’t see any reason why this cannot be just stuck over the top*

* I will not be held responsible for any damage as a result of this)

Once removed, give your bed a good clean to remove any dirt or debris. Pull off the backing from the corner of the Eryone Maflex build plate and place this inline on your print bed. Get it square and lay this corner down while slowly pulling the rest of the backing away while pressing down. You do not want any bubbles! You can now place the sprung steel magnetic plate on top.

Eryone Maflex Build Plate Is It Useful?

With its two tabs at the front of the plate, this makes removing the build plate easy. There are no clips to undo; you can lift the plate off. With your print still adhered, flex the plate one way, and then the other and your print should then pop off! If you do struggle, this could mean your nozzle is too close to the bed.

Once you have your bed levelled, print adhesion is excellent. I encountered no issues with this. If you happen to have a warped bed, shim where it is warped with some folded tin foil to help counteract this. Once the tinfoil is in place, stick your Eryone Maflex spring steel sheet on top.

If you are interested in the model printed, this was the fantastic work produced by Fab365. Go and check out the site to see more fantastic models!

Any issues?

No fundamental issues, however, I noticed that part of the PEI sheet that has been applied has a slight crease in it. Not a significant thing as it is on the edge of the plate. If this were in the center, then I would show concern as this could affect the adhesion of the print.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Eryone Maflex build plate via Amazon for £32.00 for the 235mm or £28 for the 220mm. Alternatively, you can buy direct from Eryone via their site. £31.02 for the 235 or £28.64 for the 220mm. If you use the code INOV3D, you can grab yourself an extra 10% off!

Good value for money? Compared to the Wham Bam prices, for the 235mm size, you would be looking at £45, so Eryone has priced theirs lower, but not having used a Wham Bam system before, this would be hard to compare. Perhaps they’d be kind enough to send me one for comparison!


This thing I like most about this build surface is the ease of taking it off your printer, then just flexing to remove your prints. As a result, there is no longer a need to use a scraper! You can then place the sheet back on the bed and carry on printing without having to relevel.

I hope this review helps with your decision. If you feel anything is missing, leave a comment. If there is something you’d like to see Inov3D write upon, then don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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