November 17, 2018

Eryone PLA Filament 1.75mm Review Excellent Quality

Recently i had the opportunity to test a 1KG spool of Eryone PLA 1.75mm filament in “White”. This was sent with the intention of letting the good people at Eryone know my honest opinion.

The company Eryone who we are all hearing about in the 3D printing world has recently became popular, after the launch of the Eryone resumer which was initially funded on Kickstarter. If you are interested make sure you have a look into the company and their products.


The Packaging 

I received the package the next day, the spool was vacuum packed and had a sachet of silica gel to ensure the filament stayed dry during storage and transit, this is a common approach for most PLA manufactures. The spool Eryone provide with this 1KG of filament is a good size with no cut outs on the outer perimeter, for this reason it rolls nice and freely on my bearing spool holder. I have had issues in the past with certain spools where there are recessed parts on the outer perimeter of the spool holder, with this spool of Eryone PLA, I will not be having this issue with there filament.


The Finer Details 

Eryone PLA accuracy

The tolerances of the Eryone PLA with a vernier at several different stages, majority of the spool was within the stated tolerances, although towards end of the reel I notice a small variation in the stated tolerances and measured >> 0.05.


Test Print 

Eryone PLA printed cat

As I do with most PLA that I have not printed with before,  I started off with a small test print which was a “Cali Cat”. I was impressed with the initial results of the print, I suffered none of the common issues, such as stringing and blocked nozzles, which is always a consideration when using a different PLA provider.

This Eryone PLA prints comparable to other more expensive PLA’s that I have printed with in the past,I made no changes to my PLA profile on S3D. I then moved onto a 5 hour print as I was happy with the initial results from my test print.


Eryone PLA Test

Now lets take a look at the filament in action. As you can see the layer lines are barely visible in the pictures down below and that the Eryone filament adhered to my Creality borosilicate glass build plate with no problems.

The Eryone PLA was tested using a 0.4 nozzle and 0.2 layer height and i was very happy with the outcome of my 5 hour print for a home automation project. In the end it only  took about 4 hours in total i am very happy with the final print, had no problems using the Eryone PLA Filament.

This particular design is up on thingiverse and fits over a standard UK wall plate, it is designed to hold a single hue holder. It is a fairly frustrating print as majority of the print is supports for the recessed section of the wall plate. 

If you are interested in seeing another review of Eryone PLA Filament check this review from Chris Conway Eryone Filament PLA black and white review



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