Eryone PLA+ Filament Review

Eryone is one of my favourite manufacturers. Not just because I am lucky enough to review their items, but what they produce is of outstanding quality. They have sent me some of their Grey and Red Eryone PLA+ 3D printer filament to try out! How does it compare to their normal PLA? Let’s find out…

Eryone 3D Printer Filament Packaging

I’m not sure if Eryone’s packaging develops over time, or if it is just dependent on the 3D printer filament, you are buying. The Eryone PLA+ came in a branded, normal cardboard box and nicely vacuum sealed with no tangles in the spool. The spool carries the label of the product with the information on printed parameters and their contact information.

PLA+ Specifications

Filament diameter – 1.75mm (+0.03)Print tempertaure – 200°C – 230°CHeat deflection – 60°C (0.45 MPa)
Weight – 1KGPrint Speed – 30 – 70 mm/sHeated Bed – 60°C – 70°C
Moisture absorption – WeakStorage temperature – 0°C – 32°CBrand – Eryone

Adjustable Wrench Eryone PLA+ Grey 

I first started out with the Grey and thought I would print a couple of print in place pieces using the Eryone PLA+, and being Grey, let’s print some tools!

My first 3D print was an adjustable wrench from Thingiverse. I printed this using my typical PLA settings on the Voxelab Aquila. In fact, I completed all my prints on this machine. I used 215°c for the initial first layer than 210°c after that with 60°c on the bed. 0.2mm layer height and 15% infill.

This came out pretty well. Supports were tricky to remove, but with a bit of persuasion, I could remove them and the spanner is functional! Exceptional stuff!

Nasa Wrench Eryone PLA+ Grey

The next print was the Nasa Wrench, that was sent out to space to be 3D printed. You can grab the file from Github designed by Nasa 3D. Again, this came out great and is functional! My 3D printer does need just some fine tweaks, but it’s good enough for me!

Spring Loaded Box Eryone PLA+ Red

Let’s now move on to the Red Eryone PLA+. Again, I have used the same settings as above for my prints.

My first print in place object is a spring loaded box that can be downloaded from Thingiverse. This came out pretty well, although it appears I suffered from some cooling issues as the Voxelab Aquila only has cooling on one side of the nozzle. The look is clean and the Eryone PLA+ did a great job! No fused parts and the spring-loaded box functions nicely.

Confucius Eryone PLA+ Red

Now to print a model with some detail using a model called Confucius – a Chinese philosopher! As you can see, the detail on this is superb! The Eryone PLA+ has a nice shine to it too!


Where to buy Eryone PLA+

You can buy Eryone PLA+ 3D printer filament from Amazon. Currently priced at £23.99, however, there is a £3 voucher on the page so you can get it slightly cheaper! Alternatively, you can also buy directly from the Eryone website.

Eryone PLA+ Filament Conclusion

A great filament from Eryone to add to their ever-growing filaments they supply. Is there any difference between this and their usual PLA? Personally, I don’t think there is! The properties may be slightly different, however, you can treat as normal PLA and print with those settings with ease. The colours are brilliant and the overall quality is excellent. Eryone’s marketing claims that the PLA+ is 15% stronger than normal PLA, so I believe this is the only main difference in comparison. My spring-loaded box is still going strong after repeated uses, so it must be tough!

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