Eryone Silk Silver Filament Review

Another fantastic filament that is made by Eryone, which is the Eryone Silk Silver filament.

I am using a CR10S with Micro Swiss all Metal Hotend at a temperature of 210 for this filament.

A couple of prints With The Eryone Silk Filament…

Here we have a rocket printed in vase mode and the finish on this is superb! I can’t fault this at all. The Eryone Silk Silver filament has a nice shine to it and smooth layer lines. It feels strong and durable too, especially with this thin model!

The STL for this can be found on Thingiverse

Eryone Silk Silver filament review

Now for something a bit bigger…

Having the CR10S with a large build volume, you have to print something big right? Here is the Double Twisted vase! Available from Thingiverse.

Printed with the same settings previously, this didn’t seem to come out so smooth! From afar, it looks great but when you get up close, it’s not so pretty!

Eryone Silk Silver filament review

I wouldn’t put this down to the Eryone Silk Silver filament though, but more along the lines of my printer. I’ve had it for just over a year and have not serviced it in any way at all, so it appears I may have to check it all over as I attempted a couple of more prints and experienced some under extrusion. Once I have these ironed out, I will be sure to revisit and re-print to see if I have resolved my issues! I will also test this filament on my Ender 3, just to rule out if it is the filament!

Time for a timelapse!

We all love a good timelapse, and I try to ensure I include at least one for my prints when doing an article like this (Unfortunately, if using vase mode to print, using a timelapse via Octoprint doesn’t quite work!) I hope you enjoy!


Update: 5th Feb 2019

I wanted to print something bigger, in multiple parts using the Silk Silver and Silk Gold that I have…well, here we have it!

Eryone Silk Silver Filament ReviewEryone Silk Silver Filament Review  Eryone Silk Silver Filament Review

Eryone Silk Silver Filament Review  Eryone Silk Silver Filament Review

Eryone Silk Silver Filament Review

Only a brief article on the Eryone Silk Silver filament but there is only so much you can say. If you are looking to purchase, you can do so at Amazon

Be sure to keep an eye out for an upcoming contribution article for all the Eryone Silk filaments available – Coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

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