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Let us discuss the new and latest technology here, Filaprint and Filafarm Switch, stable printing platform.

We all have that one question, Why choose print beds from FilaFarm? Well.. smooth, durable, outstanding adhesion comes to mind. Of course, when buying a 3D printer it comes with a 3D printing surface, some can stick way too much that it can damage your bedplate, model or it can damage your 3D printer in its self.

After trying different surfaces and methods, I still was not able to get my TEVO Tornado and Tevo Tarantula to stop sticking too much or not sticking at all. Although the price seemed a little high at first, I ordered two of the FilaPrint® surfaces. Filafarm shipped it out in just a few days, and shipping cost to the UK was very reasonable.

FilaPrint Surface

BUY! from 51.90 €

The original FilaPrint® printing surface creates the ideal conditions for professional 3D printing results. Extremely durable (>2-5 years) with lightweight material. It also improves the first layer, and when heated, the FilaPrint® develops extreme bonding to the print bed and gives the underside of the printed objects a shiny surface. After the cooling process, the adhesion decreases and the printed parts can be easily be removed from the bed.

The FilaPrint® printing surface requires no cleaning or reworking and convinces with its smooth handling. Thanks to the plug-and-play concept, it is ready for use in a couple of minutes. Since the printing bed works with comparatively low temperatures, the heating phases are also short, which saves electricity.

Furthermore, the material is hardly flammable and harmless to health, as it does not contain harmful resins such as phenol or epoxy. Usually, there is a coat of ultra-thin transfer layer all along the FilaPrint. This product works great with glass surfaces, aluminium or mirrors.

 Filafarm Switch Plate

BUY! from 38.15 €

The flexible stainless Switch Plate can be used with, borosilicate glass or with other print bed surfaces. FilaFarm have put lots of effort into high-quality products. The processing is gentle and on professional machines. All materials are heat stable, robust, and durable.  Filafarm Switch is made in Germany. filafarm

It can come in many different sizes and colours. You can also receive Switch Plate according to your measurements. You can contact FilaFarm via their contact form or by e-mail.

My Experience

I have personally experienced this with the Tevo Flash, after pulling, using a scrapper under the model to prize it off the bedplate even heating it up and cooling it down, still would not budge. Oh yeah, two people were trying to get it off, I also took a hammer to the model (HAHA).

I Ended up with a broken glass bed that had to be removed and leaving the metal on show. Now I have learned from this mistake after finding FilaFarm my 3D printing life can now go on. Nothing works quite well like the FilaPrint® printing surface and FilaFarm Magnetic Switch. It is crucial that you wait until the Filaprint bed cools to almost ambient air temp before removing the print. Let it cool, and it pops straight off, no more rafts, no more broken beds or injuries.


If you are a kind of person that likes to print a lot of different materials ABS, PLA, PET, PETG, ASA, GreenTec Pro, GreenTec Pro Carbon, Biofila, Flexifil, Laybrick, Laywoo, Bendlay, HIPS, PMMA, TPU and many other Filaments. Then I do highly recommend using FilaFarm’s products. You really will be amazed by how they perform. It will make things a hell of a lot easier for you and your 3D printer.

It is used for Fused Deposit Modeling (FDM) 3D Printers only. The 3D printer is straightforward to operate with Filafarm Switch Plate. It helps release the 3D Printed objects after cooled down, with the magnetic plate and the print surface combined the two, and you have a perfect match.

You don’t need to have both of these only the FilaPrint printing surface, but it is useful if you are like me and don’t have the patience of a saint, you can take the Magnetic Switch Plate off, bend the four corners and “hey presto” it’s print time again. The Switch System permits an easy and quick change of the fixed printing surface by a little tab at the corner. It simplifies the handling and results in high rates of production.

Intrested in something diffrent want to learn and creat then how about checking out this article on creating a silicone mould – from Ewan Hutchinson


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