The Fokoos Odin-5 F3 – An Interesting Entry Level 3D Printer

Fokoos started in 2017 with the aim of being a spearhead in the open source space, with the goal of making desktop DIY affordable to all. Fokoos’ tagline, Reshape Imagination, certainly holds true with their latest introduction to the market, a fold-able 3D printer. Introducing the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 3D printer as an entry level 3D printer, comes at a time with home DIY and 3D printing has been at an all-time high. First look at the Odin-5 appears to be an interesting beginner-friendly concept to desktop 3D printing.

Fokoos Odin-5 F3 3D Printer

The printer ships in a professional box, which fully opens to the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 folded down amidst layers of foam protective material. According to their website, this is already 99% complete. However, there are some steps which will need to be completed to get you ready to print the first model off the Odin-5. The printer also ships with a small spool (250g) of a random color PLA filament, which means you can start printing as soon as the printer is set up, rather than waiting to go buy more PLA somewhere.

Of course, the printer comes with your typical tools as well, flush cutters, a hex key set, and some hardware which will be needed for the setup. Included with the hardware there is a spare nozzle as well for when the first gets either worn out or clogged.Fokoos also ships the Odin-5 with a Micro SD card and USB adapter to load your g-code to the printer. The SD card comes preloaded with a test print already sliced as well as some additional STL files to slice and print. The user manual is also both physically in the box, and loaded onto the SD card for convenience.

Fokoos Odin 5 box is very professional

Fokoos Odin-5 3D Printer Assembly

Odin-5 F3 3D Printer Specifications

Forming TechnologyFused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Build Volume235mm(L)×235(W)×250mm(H)
Machine Size410mm(L)x421mm(W)x450mm(H)
Nozzle Diameter0.4 mm
Filament diameter1.75 mm
Positioning Accuracy/Printing AccuracyX/Y = .01mm, Z=.004mm / .1mm print accuracy
Nozzle Max temp260C
Bed Max Temp120C
Supported MaterialsPLA/PLA+/TPU/ABS/PETG
Recommended FilamentPLA/PLA+
Power110v or 240v, output power supply 240W, 24V
FirmwareMarlin Open source
MotherboardMakerbase MKS Robin Nano, 32-Bit with Silent Steppers
Warranty12 months

Print Surface and Bed

The print bed is aluminum as well and appears to be solidly mounted. Adjustment for leveling is manual. However, the firmware has select-able points on the screen to assist with getting as close to level as possible. The print surface that is supplied with the printer is a tempered lattice glass, or as the website states, a new style carbon crystalline silicone glass bed, which appears to be very similar to the glass supplied with the Creality CR6SE. The bed that ships with the Odin-5 F3 boasts easy print removal after it has cooled down.

Extruder and HotEnd

The Odin-5 F3 has a direct drive extruder and appears to be a volcano style hotend, with the heat block sitting vertical rather than horizontal. There is also a filament break sensor incorporated to alert to a broken filament issue that may arise.

Display, Firmware, and Motherboard

The display on the Fokoos is front and center of the 3D printer, below the Y-axis. the Odin-5 has a moderately sized screen, only 3.5″, but can support anything that you may need to do on the printer. For the firmware is a marlin based open source, meaning support should be fairly available if you are to make any upgrades to the printer in the future. The Motherboard installed is a Makerbase MKS Robin Nano, a 32-bit board with removable silent stepper motor drivers. One really neat feature in the firmware is the ability to use baby steps, even while printing. In addition, they display the model STL image when selecting the print.

Features of the Fokoos Odin-5

The Odin-5 F3 is all metal (aluminum extrusion) construction. All axis have pulley wheels to guide them across the extrusions.These two features should help reduce any vibrations during printing.


The Z-axis is has dual z screws on either side of the cross member. The top of each screw is secured via a ball bearing, so stability shouldn’t be an issue with this printer. However, the printer does not appear to have any synchronization between the all-thread on each side, which could result in the Z height getting slightly out of time during printing or transit.


The Y axis appears to be fairly stable, with a dual axis setup and the belt in the middle. There have been some reports of sticking on the Y axis, however, have been able to be addressed by adjusting the belt tension on the axis. This adjustment is done via a hex head bolt at the front of the machine.


The X-axis is very reminiscent of the Ender 3 and other style printers. The tensioner on this axis is identical to the y-axis, with adjustment done via a hex head bolt on the end.

Foldable Design

When taking the Fokoos Odin 3D printer out of the box, the fact that it is folded and just about ready to go seems really neat! Unfortunately, Fokoos did not design this with quick setup and teardown in mind for the folding, as it has 4 hex head bolts which are needed to keep it in the upright position. The folding action also could open the printer up to movement on the Z-axis, which would lead to print quality issues. As long as the bolts are securely fastened, the Z-axis should remain upright.


99% Ready to Go, So Whats Left in the Setup on the Odin-5?

Setup of Fokoos’ Odin-5 F3 is very simple, due to the fact that it comes mostly ready to go. The instructions have four steps to them. First, unfold and install the 4 Z-axis bolts. Step 2, install the filament spool holder. Third, insert the ribbon cables to the connectors on the Z-axis and extruder carriage. And finally, check that the belts, pulley wheels, and other screws are tight.

Quick start guide FoKoos Odin-5 F3

The quick start guide seems detailed enough with pictures to get you started

Overall Design of the Odin-5

Overall, the 3D printer is very sleek, though the folding feature of the Odin-5 F3 may be a little gimmicky. The front cover and fan blower duct are also customizable, with STLs provided on the SD card from the factory. This means if the bright yellow isn’t your thing, then you can print out whichever color you want and install for a customized look. The overall footprint stands at 250mm by 410mm and will look good in any home office or bedroom setting.

Comparing the Fokoos Odin-5

Fokoos Odin-5 F3Creality Ender 3 V2Creality CR 6-SEBiqu B1
Build Volume235mm(L)×235(W)×250mm(H)220mm(L)×220(W)×250mm(H)235mm(L)×235(W)×250mm(H)235mm(L)×235(W)×270mm(H)
Bed LevelingManualManualAutomaticManual
Extruder FeedDirectBowdenBowdenBowden
BuildplateHeated/GlassHeated/GlassHeated/GlassHeated/Magnetic spring steel

Where to Buy the Odin-5?

After comparing all the options, if you decide that the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 3D printer is for you, then why not pick one up at the Fokoos website. Price point is normally at $359, however, there is a promotion now to get this printer for 25% off, $269. You can also buy from Amazon .com or

Final Thoughts on the Fokoos Odin-5

All in all, the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 foldable 3D printer is a great option for someone who is new to 3D printing. The build volume is comparable to several other options on the market, and the price is extremely budget friendly. The setup to print time on the Odin-5 is likely the quickest available on the market, and with some of the manual functions of this printer, will teach new enthusiasts the foundations needed to move to some of the high end printers. To sum it up, I would recommend the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 as a viable and inexpensive entry level 3D printer. If you want to join a fantastic group full of Fokoos users, then join the Fokoos official user group on facebook.


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Photos all courtesy of Fokoos Webpage and Inov3D Editor


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