Getting to know the Polymaker Community and what it’s all about

Polymaker is an international 3D filament manufacturer devoted to bringing the 3D printing community a large selection of colors and materials at an affordable price. Recently Polymaker has made it part of its mission to reach out to the community to help content creators and interact with their customers. The face of the Polymaker community is Nicolas Tokotuu, AKA Polymaker-Nicolas.

Join the Polymaker Discord channel to stay up to date

The Polymaker discord is the primary source of communication with the Polymaker community. Polymaker Nicolas started the discord, but it’s the people that make it a great place. With almost a thousand members, there is always a conversation going on. Not only that, everyone in the chat is extremely helpful if you have any questions or issues related to 3D printing. The discord is not solely focused on Polymaker’s filament but rather on anything 3D printing.

polymaker discord community

You can watch Polymaker’s Twitch channel here

Not only does Polymaker Nicolas have an awesome discord, but he also streams three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You can find Nick on twitch under the name Polymaker_3d. The first day of streaming is Tuesday, with Polymaker Q&A. Every Tuesday Nick will answer any 3D printing-related questions from chat along with ones from Reddit. Between Nick, Zombie, chat, and the internet, I don’t think there has been a 3D printing issue we have not been able to solve.

polymkaer q&A 3d printing


Next are the Thursday streams, the Printbuster streams, where we take a deep dive into specific elements of 3D printing and get super technical to try to understand the science behind 3D printing. Printbusters target the aspects of 3D printing that we don’t fully understand. For example, warping was the first Printbusters topic. We all know how to combat warping, but what causes it? That’s the entire idea behind Printbusters. By better understanding what causes the issues, we can find better ways to combat the issue. We have gone over topics like warping, flow calibration, food safety, and many more. If you missed a stream with a topic, you are interested in you can head over to the discord where the topic discussions are continued under their own channel.

Printbusters logo polymaker 3d printing

Polymaker academy

Lastly, the Saturday stream is Polymaker Academy, this is more of a chat and chill stream where Nick will talk about Polymaker as a company and new materials. The latest Polymaker Academy streams have been very interesting because Polymaker is releasing an abundant amount of new filament colors. These streams offer a first look at the new Polymaker colors and a detailed explanation of what to expect in the close future. When there is no new filament to discuss, Nick will talk about topics like “What is the best printing temperature” or he will go over exciting 3D printing news from the community.

polymaker academy 3d printing community

Polymaker 3D printer filament

Polymaker filament is the product that brought everyone together to make the Polymaker community. The question is, is it any good? Yes, yes it is, it’s very good. Out of all the filament I have tried, Polymaker filament is by far the best. Not only is it high quality and easy to use, it’s cheap and the options are limitless. At only $20 a roll of filament, it’s very affordable and ships quickly. My favorite thing about Polymaker filament is all the options I have, from different colors to different materials. No matter what project I’m working on, Polymaker has the filament.

polymkaer filament 3d printing

Polymaker sponsoring content creators

One of my favorite things about Polymaker is their generosity towards the 3D printing community. They sponsor dozens of streams. This allows streamers to give away some filament to their viewers. Yeah, sure, Polymaker gets some potential customers out of that deal, but that’s not all they do. Polymaker also supports small creators. They support interesting projects they come across with free filament. Therefore, allowing them to create and make stuff without worrying about the cost of materials.

lm show and polymaker filament

That is Polymaker Filament Behind Loyal Moses


A Huge part of the Polymaker community is the people in it, but one person, in particular, helps out the most and that is ZombieHedgehog. He has helped the Polymaker community time and time again. The community would not be where it is without him. He is also one of the mods for the discord server and helps keep it a fun and enjoyable place. Recently, Zombie has started joining the Polymaker streams with Nick to help explain the more complex parts of 3D printing. Zombie also has his own twitch stream a couple of times a week, ZombieHedgehog.

zombie on twitch 3d printing community

To sum it all up, the Polymaker community is a welcoming place to come if you have any questions or if you are just looking for some fun. With three streams a week and a discord chat that is always active,active, there is always something to take part in. Polymaker as a company isn’t just interested in growing their company but also in growing in growing the community. “Dive into the science of 3D printing and build our knowledge one layer at a time. Knowledge created by the community for the community.”(Polymaker).


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