Inov3D Weekly 3D Prints! What are We Printing?

Inov3D’s Weekly 3D Prints!

We are going to use this article to give you updates on some of our team’s 3D prints from this week.  The plan is to keep all of these in one article and put the newer entries at the top. That way if you want to see what we 3D printed LAST week, you can just scroll down.  We will try this for awhile and see how it works.

Weekly 3D Prints from the Week of 3/3/19

William Saunders Sr.

William Saunders Sr. used his CR10S and some Eryone Silk Gold to print this Low-poly Rose Twist Vase!

mike's golden vase

Michael Bird

Michael Bird used his Trigorilla Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus and Ender 3 to complete a few prints.  He used some BQ White PLA and his Ender to print a few of the lithophane inserts and the Raspberry Pi case.  Michael finished his lithophane box off in Sunlu Black PLA+ on his Ender 3.

Scott Masson

Scott Masson used his Ender 3 to print this Low Poly Unicorn Head Trophy in Eryone Rainbow PLA filament.

Andrew DeLisle

Andrew DeLisle printed a few things this week.  While wrapping up his Eryone Silk Copper PLA review, he printed this Sinosoidal Spiral Vase and Evil Minion on his Tevo Black Widow.  He also printed off this shark lithophane on his Trigorilla Anycubic Photon!

Weekly 3D Prints from the Week of 2/24/19

Michael Bird

Michael Bird has been using his Trigorilla Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus and Ender 3 to 3D print some things.  He used Anycubic’s White PLA+ to print the Arlo, My Little Pony Unicorn, Bad Gnome and Pickle Rick on his Kossel.  Finally, Mike used CCTree Red Pla to print the Articulated Slug on his Ender 3.

William Saunders Sr.

William Saunders Sr, one of the newest trial authors at Inov3D, 3D printed some models this week on his Geeetech A30 and his CR10S.  On his A30, he printed the Ace of Spades from Destiny 2 in black eSun PLA+.  He also printed two different gargoyles in Ziro Marble PLA on his A30.  William used his CR10S to print Spongebob Square Pants and his buddy Patrick in gray eSUN PLA+.  William also airbrushed and brush painted the models to get them how they look below.

Andrew DeLisle

Andrew DeLisle printed a few things this week on his Tevo Tornado and his Trigorilla Anycubic Photon.  On his Tornado, he 3D printed some printer upgrades and a tool in Sunlu Green PETG.  These include a new fan shroud, a scraper for his Photon’s resin tank and some bed clips of his own design.  On his Photon, he 3D printed a few alien models and the Eiffel tower in White Elegoo UV resin.

Check back in next week for our next round of weekly 3D prints!




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