Installing NanoDLP for use with the Wanhao Duplicator 7

NanoDLP is a powerful, alternative, control software for DUP/DLP/SLA printers. Using a Raspberry Pi3 as the mainboard for the software. It’s incredibly useful for the Wanhao D7 because it enables you to control the printer remotely from a web interface. You can upload files to print using Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, as well as USB, making it exceedingly versatile. Duplicator 7

This tutorial will enable you to install the correct firmware to your Wanhao D7, as well as, installing a version of nanoDLP specifically for the Wanhao D7 using a Windows PC….

What you will need…


1. First of all, you will need to connect your Wanhao D7 to your windows PC, switch it on, and open X Loader. Locate the Duplicator 7 v1.3 hex file in your downloads folder, make sure you have the right COM port loaded, and, write it to the Duplicator 7. This process should take roughly 1-2 minutes depending on how powerful your PC is. Once this is done, you can turn the machine off and disconnect it from the PC.

   2. Now we need to take the SD card for the Pi, place it into the card reader and connect this to the PC…. First of all open SD Formatter and re-format the card using the quick format option, this is to make sure it’s setup with the correct partition, and nothing is on the disk if it’s been used previously.

3. Once this is complete, you will need to open Etcher to load NanoDLP to the SD card. Find the NanoDLP for Wanhao D7 file you downloaded by pressing the select image button. Then, select your SD card and press flash.This should refresh the disk a couple of times, and tell you that you don’t have access to a partition on the drive.

If the setup goes smoothly, Etcher will tell you it has completed. If anything other than a clean installation is given by Etcher, please re-format with SD Formatter and try again, this is very important as complications can arise if the installation doesn’t complete properly.

4. You want to eject and reinsert the SD card to the reader. If everything up to now has been successful, it will now load up the files stored on the SD card belonging to nanoDLP. From here, you can setup a connection to Wi-Fi, or you can just leave this and connect via Ethernet….

Wi-Fi Setup….

In order to setup a connection via Wi-Fi, you will need to edit the wpa_supplicant.conf file on the SD Card. This can be found in the boot folder.

5. Right click on the file and open it with Notepad++

6. Locate your connection type and enter your login credentials inside the quotation marks.

7. Add your SSID and Password to the file as it depicts (Make sure to remove # from beginning of lines to enable them!).

8. Save the file.

Final Steps…

9. Remove the SD card from the PC and place it in the Pi. you need to connect this via USB and HDMI to the Duplicator 7. Turn the Wanhao D7 on, wait for a moment and then connect the Pi’s power supply.

10. After waiting a few moments for the Pi to boot up, you should be able to access your Wanhao D7 via

This website


If you’ve followed all of this correctly, you should now be able to run your Wanhao D7 from a RPi 3!! using nanoDLP

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that this has helped, 


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  1. raspberry pi 3b+ doesn`t see that OS

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