Inov3D Interview with Nubwerkes From e-Nable

We had the honor of asking Andrew DeLisle from the Nubwerkes chapter of eNABLE some questions.


What exactly is eNABLE?  

Enable is a world wide group of volunteers that provide free 3D printed prosthetic devices to people in need. These designs are free to print and modify and you can not charge for the 3D printed hands. The creators are Ivan and Jen Owen. The original 3d printed hand was inspired by a large puppet robot hand. People then saw these videos of the hand on YouTube, then contacted Ivan about switching it up and helping modify it to fit them.

eNABLE has different chapters these are the easiest way to help get recipients hands. There is a map available on the that allows people to physically see who is close to you. This is a new way for people to find help. The eNABLE Web Central is a web app that helps recipients upload images, take measurements and get help.

The 3D-printed prosthetic revolution started with a single child but has since snowballed into an incredible movement of shared designs and tech. This is making prosthetic better and cheaper for everyone. Nubwerkes work with the eNABLE Community to use our 3D printer to provide free 3D printed hands and arms to people in need. Nubwerkes are located in Rockford, Michigan, USA. It is a small town just north of Grand Rapids.


Why did you get into 3D printing?

Andrew DeLisle got into 3D printing after Mike Campos from Claws from Carter (another eNABLE chapter) was making his son’s first hand.The sheer amount of printers and the lack of reliable information was daunting.

Mike Campos assisted Andrew with his 3D Printing endeavour the concluding vote fell on Monoprice Maker Select v2. After watching Andrew’s son Aidan get his hand, he knew that he wanted to be able to give people that same happiness as he has.

Monoprice Maker Select v2
Andrews 1st printer

Can you tell us about your son?

Andrew’s son Aidan was born with amniotic band syndrome. Andrew was always worried that Aidan wouldn’t be able to do certain things, but that is not the case. Aidan is able to perform pretty much any task. Andrew had seen certain instances of self esteem issues, usually in school related activities. He wanted to try and find something to boost Aidan’s confidence.


Can you tell us about the prosthetic devices that you print?

Andrew has personally created a very simple prosthetic device that is used for specific purposes. He normally will use the eNABLE Team UnLimbited designs for most of his recipients. They are very simple machines to use and build.

These designs are very easy to scale for recipients, and cheaper to manufacture. This 3D printed hand design will allow them to help people get a custom fit with a theme of their choosing. You can typically make a device for around $20.


How many people have you helped?

Nubwerkes have shipped around a dozen different devices to recipients. Andrew has  helped design themes for other makers. He has designed devices for people to have built and sized for them. Andrew provided support for people printing hands and arms. To get approval to build under the umbrella of eNABLE, you have to submit pictures and videos to the approval board. Andrew is on the approval board for any new builders. 


Can you tell us about your relationship with Tevo?

Tevo Black WidowAfter Andrew got his first printer, Andrew realized that it had certain limitations. The main being the bed size. Andrew wanted something that was able to print full adult arms. He wanted a printer that was easily upgrade-able. He liked the design and the price point of the TEVO Black Widow.

Andrew is a computer technician by trade, and didn’t have a problem assembling it. When he was involved with the video by Freethink, Andrew had spoken to the CEO of TEVO letting them know that the Black Widow would be heavily featured in a video, that he expected to have a few hundred thousand views. TEVO was very compassionate about the topic and offered to send us a Tornado. Andrew would  like to personally thank TEVO again for their donation. “They are a great company!”

What do you have planned for the future?

Andrew is involved with a local nonprofit organisation. Developing new devices, with ways to incorporate existing designs with their technology. He would like to raise enough money to build a small workshop on his property to give him a dedicated maker space. Nubwerkes is working with TEVO on acquiring donations.

Enable on CBS News                                                                      

Aidan and Andrew got to hang out with CBS News and Harmony’s Hand to represent eNABLE. Both father,son have made a dozen printed robotic hands, for kids all over the world all part of 3D prosthetic revolution restoring bodies and self esteem.



We got the  honor to make a 3D printed model of eNABLE logo, allowing us to put our twist on to it. We are in the process of printing the prosthetic hand. To find out more information sign up to Inov3D news letter to be kept up to date.

Inov3d would like to thank Andrew DeLisle for his time answering our question and giving us the opportunity for letting us do this article on him. It is amazing what eNABLE, Nubwerkes And any other chapter of eNABLE are doing.

Share Share Share, the more people that know about this service, the better! If you would like to support Nubwerkes please click this link paypal nubwerkes every little helps.


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