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Are you a technical person who is involved with 3D printing, 3D modeling, CNC, Laser Cutting, 3D scanning or some other amazing tech?  Do you like to write?  Would you like to learn new skills?  Do you want to meet new people in a booming industry?  You should seriously consider joining Inov3D!

Who are We?

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We here at Inov3D are looking to add some talent to our writing pool.  We are an international group that writes, reviews and tests exciting new products or processes.  If you are interested in helping others learn new skills, processes, machines and products, you should consider joining the team!  Inov3D gets exclusive access and insight to some of the latest technology available in the 3D Printing and 3D modeling community.  With Inov3D’s direct access to multiple manufacturers, we can use our early access to help correct products before they get released to the public (Beta Testing).  Don’t those sound like great reasons to join our team?

How about You?

Do you possess some kind of knowledge or skill that you feel would benefit the Maker community?  Do you like 3D printing?  We are looking for any kind of original content pertinent to the Maker community.  Has the thought of joining a like minded group of individuals ever crossed your mind?  We want to hear your ideas and plans!

What Do We Ask?Inov3d Logo

We ask for a one month trial when joining Inov3D.  This allows you time to get to know us, and us to know you.  We ask that you help us deliver at least TWO premium pieces of content to our subscribers during the trial.  During the trial period, you will have to provide the materials for your reviews.  We can help provide the ideas!  After you join the team, we can offer you the tools to help you bring your ideas to print or video!  In addition, we will give you WordPress access to the site and access to our Google Drive folder.  After that, you can check out some article ideas or add some of your own!

After the trial period, we can decide to keep you longer if your contributions to the team are strong.  If we decide to retain you after the trial period, we can start to send review material your way!  Above all, focus on making solid positive content for Inov3D and we will reward you with exclusive discounts for review equipment and other sweet perks!   

What Does Our Team Think?

“It’s a great place to meet other enthusiasts about 3D printing and a great place to learn more and expand your knowledge” Scott Masson

“Inov3D is a great source of information and it’s good to know that like-minded people are sharing their knowledge. From reviews to tutorials, filament to models there is something for everyone to enjoy and absorb!” – Michael Bird
“Only been here a week, but everyone here seems great and easy to talk to, I’m really enjoying it.” – William Saunders SR

What are the Perks?

Our authors have received many cool things after joining Inov3D.  Sunlu has sent 3D pens like their Sunlu sl400a and Sunlu M1, along with multiple rolls of filament.  Eryone has sent out 3D pens and all sorts of great filament, like their Silk Silver filament.  Geeetech has sent out E180 , A30 and different kinds of filament.  Tevo has sent out all of their major machines, like the Tornado, Michelangelo, Flash Little Monster and Nereus!  Artillery3D has shipped a SideWinderX1 and Easythreed has sent out Nano’s and a Dora!  These are just a few of the companies that we have worked with in the past to help bring premium content!

Join Inov3D Today!

Fill out the below questions to join the team here at Inov3D.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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