Kywoo Tycoon Review The Specifications IDEX 3D Printer

We are going to talk about the Kywoo Tycoon IDEX 3D printer. So let’s check out what the Kywoo Manufacturer is offering this time.

Features of the Kywoo Tycoon IDEX

Setting Up the Printer

First things first, let’s start with setting up the printer for use. While other printers might take even up to hours to set up, this printer just takes a few minutes to set up. All you have to do is connect the 04 number of screws and 05 number of wires. And you are all ready to go. This makes the printer an easy option to start with for beginners.

X-axis Linear Rail Design

Stability is an important factor when it comes to 3D printing. Kywoo Tycoon IDEX has included the linear rail design to its X-axis. As a result, the printing activity is believed to be much more stable and of higher quality as compared to other technologies.

Camera-Based Remote Printing

The Kywoo Tycoon Idex has a camera fitted to the printer. With the help of this HD camera, you can check on the current status of a print job. Hence, you can say that this printer has a remote control monitoring option. Another advantage of this feature is that you can check for any issues with the print in time. Even if you are not near the printer.

Type of Filaments Supported

The direct drive extrusion supports many additional filaments for the print job. Among the list of filaments that you can use are PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, Silica Gel, etc. That is pretty standard stuff for this kind of printer.

Printing Modes

The Kywoo Tycoon IDEX has thrown a surprise by introducing its modes of operation. As per the information available, there are 4 printing modes of this printer.

  1. Two colors
  2. Duplication printing
  3. Mirror printing
  4. single-nozzle printing

In simple words, you can use two colors at a time and two filaments at a time to create hybrid designs. Well, it surely sounds fun for someone creative out there. You can think of all the amazing combinations that you will be able to make with these options.

Improved Adhesion

As we understand that adhesion is of utmost importance when it comes to a 3D printer. With the tycoon IDEX model, there is an ultra-base that has a micro base coating. As a result, it becomes easy to take of the model once it is complete.

Silent and Powerful Mainboard and Driver

Sound is a major issue with 3D printers. But with the powerful TMC2209 driver in the Kywoo Tycoon IDEX, the printing sounds are minimized. Therefore, you will not be listening to the wiring and whining of the printer.

Build Volume

The printer has a moderate build volume of 300 x 300 x 350 mm. Another interesting fact about the printer is that it has a slightly different build size for the Duplication and Mirror modes. For the duplication and mirror modes, the build volume is 150 x 300 x 350 mm. However, one difference will be that there will be two prints coming out simultaneously.

Who should use the Kywoo Tycoon Idex

The printer is available at $799 at the Kywoo3D store. When we last checked, there were 8 IDEX 3D printers still in stock. However, we cannot guarantee that what will be the supply situation of this FDM 3D printer in the coming days.

As per the claims of the company and the specifications, it appears that the printer is ideal for beginners and creative ones to work on 3D printers. However, even if some pros want to unleash some of their creativity, then this appears to be a good option.


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