LaserPecker 4 Game Changing Innovation Is About To Happen

During the last two years, LaserPecker has undergone extensive research and development, and as a result of the valuable feedback from more than 100,000 users, it has evolved into the next generation LaserPecker 4 and now includes:

  • Dual source of laser
  • Higher engraving speeds than contemporary engravers
  • The engraving area is larger than other engravers of the same category
  • Can engrave on uneven/irregular surfaces
  • Wonderful Graphic User Interface. Makes it very easy to use.

Lasers that use fibers are good for engraving metal and plastic, while lasers that use diode lasers are good for engraving or cutting wood, leather, and glass. There are normally two laser engravers that you need to purchase in order to cover the full spectrum of materials that can be engraved with a laser. What if both sources of light were integrated into a single machine, and they were switched on and off according to the material being engraved in one second? What a great solution that sounds like it could be!

LaserPecker 4 Kickstarter Link

We are proud to present LaserPecker4, the world’s easiest dual-laser switching solution. The machine’s touch screen allows you to smoothly switch between two laser sources with a slight swipe of your hand. Getting the work done is easy with no complicated setup required. The work is completed in a matter of seconds.

LaserPecker engravers have always been a popular choice among small business owners. As a result of the LP4, operations have been optimized for mass production. As a result of upgraded software and hardware, users are able to place multiple objects at a time and achieve repeated engraving with a single keystroke. This increases the efficiency of mass production.

There is no stopping LaserPecker from evolving. Using LaserPecker4, you will be able to achieve unprecedented engraving accuracy of up to 8K, down to 0.01mm granularity for the very first time. LaserPecker4 is equipped with the latest high-speed galvanometer technology that allows its engraving speed to reach up to 2000mm/second. In terms of resolution, what does 8K (127070 dpi) mean? In other words, the images that are engraved by LaserPecker 4 will be as vivid as if they were printed.


LaserPecker 4 A Bigger Picture

Using the LaserPecker Slide Extension, users will be able to combine high-speed galvanometer technology with the large-area movement of the CORE XY axis to be able to engrave large-area pieces at high speeds with their LaserPecker4 machine. The working area of LaserPecker4 has been enlarged to an impressive 160 x 300 mm, which is sufficient for all your ambitious project ideas.

Please find below a detailed description of the set-ups and specs for different sizes of engraving for your reference.

LaserPecker 4 Rotary Extension

There is now an option to customize a cylinder that is irregular! With its Rotary Extension, the LaserPecker4 allows engraving objects with a diameter between 3mm and 200mm with the help of three adjustable jaw attachments. The LaserPecker4 can engrave and rotate a wide variety of inner and outer walls regardless of whether they are conical, sphere, cylindrical, or annular.

LaserPecker 4

LaserPecker4 Cutting 

The 4th generation LaserPecker has also been improved in terms of its laser cutting performance. Furthermore, not only has the cutting thickness been increased up to 8mm, but also the speed and quality of the cutting process have been greatly improved as well. In one pass, the LaserPecker4 can cut through wood boards that are 5mm thick quickly and accurately.

LaserPecker 4

Engraving & Cutting in ONE GO!

It’s common for laser engraving and cutting to go hand in hand. With the new LaserPecker App, users can now laser engrave and cut simultaneously.

Specifications for the LaserPecker 4

LaserPecker 4

Endless Material Options with LaserPecker 4

The dual-laser engraver LaserPecker 4 offers endless options for material engraving. Here is a list of the common materials for engraving/cutting by the LP4:

LaserPecker 4 Laser Engraving

LeatherPaper Acrylic
Felt ClothCorrugated PaperFood
Anodized Aluminum AlloyDark GlassShale / Tile / Cement
MetalStainless SteelIron/Bronze
CeramicTransparent Material

LaserPecker 4 Laser Cutting 5mm

Felt ClothCorrugated Paper

Software/App of LaserPecker Dual Laser Engraver

LaserPecker is now offering an upgraded version of the PC-based software and mobile application for easy control of the engraver. Consequently, the App now offers multiple features and options like a creation module. As a result, you get to perform multiple functions. These functions include multi-layer editing, variable engraving settings, multi-format image import, and other features which enhance your productivity. As per claims of LaserPecker, its 4th generation laser engraver is now compatible with LightBurn.

LaserPecker 4

Safety Features in LaserPecker 4

There are several safety features in the LP 4 that allows safe engraving for users of all ages. Here are a few notable safety features:

Tilt/fall motion protection

Stops the engraving process as soon as the engraver tilts/falls. Therefore, making it safe.

Vibration/Heat protection

If the engraver overheats or exceeds the allowed vibration limit, the engraving function stops.

Password protected

You can set up a startup password. Thus, the engraver cannot operate accidentally or by any child.

Protective glasses

The LaserPecker 4 comes with protective glasses. As a result, you can protect your eyes from lasers.

LaserPecker 4 engraver Price

LaserPecker 4 engraver is launching in different specifications/options and each variant has a different price tag as offered by Kickstarter:

LaserPecker 4 Kickstarter Link

VariantPrice (USD)Shipping (USD)*
LaserPecker 4 Basic1329-136759-100
LaserPecker 4 + Slide Extension1469-151169-120
LaserPecker 4 + Rotary Extension1539-158369-120
LaserPecker 4 + Slide Extension + Rotary Extension1749-179989-150

*Price depends on the location of shipping.


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