Mcor Arke 3D Printer: All that you need to know

We will share with you a full review of the latest MCOR Arke 3D Printer. This is a great full-colour 3D Printer that incorporates the inkjet printhead into a paper-based 3D Printer. Let’s find out what is this wonderful machine that everyone is talking about.

Mcor Arke 3D Printer Features and Technology

MCOR Arke Color 3D Printer is a fantastic 3D printer that prints photorealistic models with a DPI of 4800 x 2400. Furthermore, the printer is eco-friendly and much safer for use than other 3D printers that use plastics and other hazardous materials for health.


The printer is a simple plug-and-play one. Plus, the MCOR ARKe uses paper and water-based glue to create amazing 3D prints. This means no harsh chemicals or finishing compounds that are dangerous to the users and the environment. Furthermore, it uses a simple WYSIWYG colour mapping system, so you know exactly what colours will look like from screen to 3D print.

Build Volume

The build volume of the printer is 8 x 9.5 4.9 inches (20.3 x 24.1 x 12.4 cm).

Printer Size

Moreover, the printer is 34.4 x 22.8 x 23.6 inches (87.3 x 57.9 x 59.9 cm) and weighs a mere 110 pounds. This makes it a brilliant 3D printer that can fit on a moderate-sized desktop and start printing right away.


The MCOR Orange software is included with the MCOR ARKe printer and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.

Print Speed

This desktop unit is capable of printing in photo-realistic HD colour at a print quality of 4200 x 2400 DPI.

Additional Features

There is also a free MCOR mobile app that lets you share designs and monitor your ARKe printer right from your Android or iOS smartphone.


And this is one of the most expensive industrial-grade printers available in the market, costingĀ  $18,764.95. You can get further information about the price and all the deals on the printer here.

Who Should Use the Mcor Arke 3D Printer?

This printer is tailor-made for manufacturers, industrialists, planners, strategists, architects, medical professionals, educators and movie makers. Thus, its a professional-grade 3D printer that is ideal for professionals.


  • Inkjet CMYK colour printing technology which is also used in regular paper printing
  • Professional grade and high-resolution print
  • Dedicated customer support and apps team
  • Adaptive build process with a customizable design
  • The 3D print is entirely recyclable.


  • It can release toxic vapours if overheated
  • The price is higher for this category of printers
  • The prints require an appropriate disposal

Mcor Arke Conclusion

Summing up, the MCOR Arke 3D printer is set for revolutionising 3D printing. With this high def 3D printing you can create beautiful 3D projects (including text) only and quickly. Moreover, the printer will prove to be safe for your health, compact enough to fit your desktop and produce every high-resolution print. Since the technology is still new, the prices are high.

But with time the price of the 3D printer will come down considerably. Also, the product is currently designed for industrial users only and not for hobbyists and enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the printer will be available for the commoners too at a price that everyone will be able to afford.

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