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    1 month ago

    This product is the company’s best-selling products, can be customized with a 9-12 meter yurt.
    Covering cloth outer three layers canvas PE high quality wool felt high strength waterproof pull strong heat preservation sound insulation inner layer special jacquard lining beautiful and durable high cost performance.
    Cover head: white (transparent) fiberglass top with ventilator is beautiful and practical.
    Hana: aluminum alloy material with a diameter of 3.0cm bamboo pole (steel pipe), the inclined pole pole has 4*6cm square steel profile wall thickness of 1.5mm wall for carbonized bamboo sheet preparation hana wall.
    Doors and Windows: doors and Windows are closed and lighting aluminum broken bridge doors and Windows.
    Structure: overall encryption frame structure pole 48cm/ piece, spacing 10cm.
    Track: the upper and lower track is h-type aluminum alloy material, with a wall thickness of 1.2mm
    Appearance: free choice of patterns and colors.
    Warranty: 6 years.
    Material features: light and beautiful, ecological and environmental protection, cold protection, high strength waterproof, anti-aging, beautiful atmosphere.China Aluminum Alloy Yurt