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    2 months ago

    Model No.:HZF-1400×2.0-CS-001
    Suitable materialStainless steel / Carbon steel
    Thickness (mm)0.3-2.0
    Width (mm)300~1250
    Inner diameter (mm)蠁508/蠁610
    Outer diameter (mm)鈮は?800
    Coil Weight (tons)鈮?5
    Width accuracy (mm)鈮ぢ?.05
    Max slits a time (pcs)鈮?0
    Area needed鈮?8*7
    Function of slitting line:
    Metal slitting line is designed and manufactured for slitting jumbo metal coils into narrow strips and recoil those strips into baby coils. Those smaller width coils are then used in roll forming lines, tube mill lines, press machines, etc.
    Main equipments:
    0.3~2.0mm x 1400 type slitting line is used to slits edges of wide coil or slit into target narrow strips and recoil them into baby coils. It is compose of following parts:
    a) Hydraulic loading coil car 1set
    b) Hydraulic decoiler 1set
    c) Manual side guider & Slitter 1set
    d) Scrap rewinder 1set
    e) Looping pit & bridge 1set
    f) Panel tension station 1set
    g) Hydraulic recolier 1set
    h) Hydraulic unloading coil car 1set
    i) Hydraulic system 1set
    j) Lubrication system 1set
    k) Pneumatic system 1set
    l) Electrical control system 1set
    m) Accessories 1set
    1. Flow chart of slitting line:
    Loading coil鈫抎ecoiling鈫抯litting鈫抮ewinding waste鈫抣ooping鈫抰ension鈫抮ecoilling鈫抲nloading coils
    2. Introduction of main parts:
    a. Hydraulic loading coil car
    a) With lifting and horizontal movement function, convenient to feed coils to drum of hydraulic decoiler
    b) Lifted up & down by hydraulic cylinder, horizontal movement driven by AC 1.5KW motor
    c) Applicable coil weight: Max. 12 MT
    d) Applicable coil width : 300 ~ 800 mm
    e) Applicable coil OD : 500 ~ 1,600 mm
    f) Up/down of coil car : By hydraulic cylinder with stroke at 500mm, horizontal moving speed: 6m/min
    g) Welded steel plate and section steel structure
    b. Hydraulic decoiler
    (1) Single side hanging type hydraulic expansion drum; main structure: welded steel plate box type bearing base, hollow mandrel, arch steel leaves, wedge sliding mechanism, pneumatic disk brake, etc.
    (2) Once coil was loaded on coil car, drive loading coil car to feed coil into drums of decoiler, hydraulic cylinder for expanding will fix coil tightly, start AC gear motor though inverter to turn hydraulic decoiler in order to lead the head of strip into pinch rollers and hydraulic shear
    (3) Pneumatic disk brake cooperates with sequent machines for stop and start
    (4) Expansion range: 桅460mm锝炍?20mm脳850mm; push and pull shaft for expansion or shrinkaged, hydraulic cylinder spec: MOBL1桅150脳100mm-FA, with rotary connector one pc
    (5) Drum is made of four groups of wedge sliding blocks
    (6) Welded steel plate and section steel structure
    (7) Electrical driving power: feeding forward or reverse, 11KW AC motor with inverter through chain transmission. With mechanical coupling
    c. Slitter (with NSK bearings)
    (1) Round disc slitter, used to slit steel strips or cut edges. It is composed of upper & lower knives shafts, right and left arch panels, base and drive.
    (2) Lower knife shaft is fixed, upper knife shaft can be lifted up and down by AC gearbox, moveable arch panel can be driven by electric motor in order to exchange knives and separators conveniently
    (3) Both knives shafts are made of forged 40Cr, tempering and quenching, surface treated to hardness at HRC45~50, diameter at 脴120 mm, efficient width at 850mm
    (4) Both supporting bearing for knives shafts are double row tapered roller bearings
    (5) Knives shafts are driven by AC 22KW motor with inverter through universal coupling shaft and reducer, inverter speed stepless adjustment;
    (6) Manual side guider
    d. Scrap rewinder
    (1) Used to rewind all scraps, driven by AC3.0KW motor plus inverter, inverter speed adjustment
    (2) Rewinding tension can be adjusted in order to cooperate with whole working speed
    (3) Swinging mechanism can rewind all scraps tidy and even
    (4) Scrap rewinder is to rewind scrap at both sides, driven by AC motor + inverter, keep stable torque when rewind scrap in order to keep the same speed as slitters鈥? Through tension equipment, scrap rewinder can rewind all scraps tidy and even. Conical expansion drum can make sure unloading scraps easily and quickly by manual
    e. Looping pit & bridge
    (1) Looping is used to control both speed of slitter and recoiler, buffer steel strips before recoiling.
    (2) Bridge is lifted up & down by hydraulic cylinder
    f. Tension station:
    (1) Used to control tension between recoiler, separate all slitted strips, create tension for recoiling tidy and tightly.
    (2) Separating mechanism can separate all strips one by one for arrangements to recoiler
    (3) Panel tension station with hydraulic cylinders press panel and felt to create fabrication for tension
    (4) Tension pad: covered by felt
    (5) Guiding roller; covered by PU rubber at 桅300mm
    (6) Hydraulic power to lift tension pad up & down through hydraulic cylinders: HOB-桅125mm(2sets)
    g. Hydraulic recoiler:
    (1) Used to recoil slitted strips into coils; drum is single side hanging expansion type, drum鈥檚 diameter at 桅508mm, expansion range: 桅480mm锝炍?08mm
    (2) With clamping teeth to grasp the heads of steel strips for recoiling
    (3) Hydraulic cylinder and rotary connector can make drum expansion and shrinkaged, four groups of wedge sliding blocks
    (4) Driven by AC55KW motor with inverter speed adjustment;
    (5) Hydraulic brake cooperates with motor for start and stop recoiler
    (6) Active separating mechanism can separate all slitted strips for recoiling tidy and tightly. Lifted up & down by hydraulic cylinder, pressure adjustment valve can make separating mechanism up with the bigger of baby coils.
    (7) Hydraulic push-off mechanism driven by hydraulic cylinder, used to push recoiled baby coils to coil car
    h. Hydraulic unloading coil car
    (1) With lifting and horizontal movement function, convenient to unload baby coils from drums of hydraulic recoiler
    (2) Lifted up & down by hydraulic cylinder, horizontal movement driven by AC 1.5KW motor
    (3) Applicable coil weight: Max. 12 MT
    (4) Applicable coil OD : 1,600 mm
    (5) Up/down of coil car : By hydraulic cylinder with stroke at 500mm
    (6) Welded steel plate and section steel structure
    i. Hydraulic system
    Hydraulic system is composed of welded steel plate oil box at 100KGS volume, all kinds of hydraulic valves and oil circuit plate.
    Hydraulic driving power: E grade 7.5KW motor, capacity 40cc, normal pressure: 70kg/cm2, maximum pressure: 140kg/cm2
    j. Pneumatic control system
    Electromagnetic valve and manual valve loop control; water and gas isolation, oil fog lubrication, pressure adjustment combination
    k. Lubrication system
    All equipments on whole line are set with relative central lubrication system; it includes manual pump, manual filling, lubricator adapter and etc.
    l. Electric control system
    1) Power source: 3phases 415V卤10% 50Hz卤1,
    2) Considering safety of man and machine, whole line with reliable protection in order to avoid wrong operation, once any emergency happened, whole line can be stopped soon.
    3) One main control console cabinet and two assistant control cabinets in order to load coils and unload coils conveniently
    Inverter Sinee, Shenzhen
    Knobs Schneider
    Others famous Chinese brands
    m. Accessories:
    Foundation installation drawing, foundation bolts layout, full line layout
    Electric layout and drawings
    Nylon spacer for recoiler: 100pcs
    Separators for recoiler: 25pcs
    Spacer for tension station: 100pcs
    Separators for tension station: 25pcs
    Delivery time:
    a) Delivery time is 60-180 working days based on different machine
    b) ODM 60-150 days after all info confirmed.
    c) Depends on order quantity
    d) According to the actual situation, appointment time of delivery.Coil Slitting Line suppliers