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Over the last few years, we have seen numerous cameras that have been designed to allow users to capture and track their 3D printer projects. Some are powerful, some are intuitive. However, if you are an avid laser engraver searching for a camera that can not only capture your creation but also remotely monitor and control the process in real time, then look no further than the Mintion Lasercam.

With this camera, you can easily watch your laser engraving project turn into a spectacular masterpiece while also having complete control over the entire process. The camera boasts top-class 1080p resolution and comes with black/white night vision so that you can continue monitoring your projects, even in pitch-black darkness.

As 3D printing continues to evolve, it's no surprise that the prices of filaments will also continue to fluctuate daily. But don't let this discourage you from pursuing your passion for 3D modelling! You have the power to create incredible designs and bring your ideas to life. In fact, we've provided access to some awesome 3D models for you to explore through the links provided. We encourage you to download them now and let your imagination run wild. Remember, the only limit is your creativity, so keep pushing boundaries and keep innovating. Happy printing!

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Mintion Lasercam Laser Engraver


Are you excited to learn more about the incredible capabilities of the Mintion Lasercam? Here are the specifications for the Mintion lasercam for laser engraving.

ModelLasercamFrame RateUp to 25fps
Video CompressionH.264/MJPEGAuto Time-lapse VideoClean/Normal/Timer Mode
Video Resolution1080PWiFi ConnectivitySupports 2.4GHz / 5GHz
Night Version Black & White; Color Night VersionConnect to PrinterType C to USB Cable
Upload Printable FileYes, gcode fileTemp. MonitorYes, for Hot End & Hot Bed
Power SourcePlug-in

Connect to Engraver

USB Cable
CompatibilityGRBL protocol engraver and LightBurn & LaserGRBLFiles StorageMicro SD Card

Upload Gcode File

Yes, .gcode & .nc files

Power Source

Mintion Lasercam Laser Engraver


Mintion Lasercam is really impressive! It has so many great features that will help you take amazing pictures and videos. The lens is really high quality, and the Lasercam works super fast. You’ll love how easy it is to use, and it looks really cool too.

Offline Engraving/Cutting & Multi-device management

With the Mintion Lasercam you can now free your computer for offline engraving and cutting. Plus, with the ability to manage and use multiple laser engravers at the same time, you can increase your efficiency and productivity. This means you can get more done in less time, and with less hassle.

Mintion Lasercam

Remote Monitor the Ongoing Project

Mintion Lasercam is an innovative tool that enhances your work productivity and delivers quality visuals. With its advanced features, you can easily observe the job ongoing and digital zoom the video to check every detail accurately.

Remote Control the Engraver

As a user, you no longer have to worry about the hassle of remotely checking the engraving on your laser engraving machine, even when it’s placed inside an enclosure. With the Mintion Lasercam you can now effortlessly inspect the artwork and closely monitor the engraving on hand, regardless of its placement. Whether you are in the same room, or several miles away this features allows you to stay on top of the progress.

Mintion Lasercam

Work as LightBurn Camera

Once connected, the Lasercam is capable of performing as a highly effective LightBurn camera. This enables the Lasercam to not only detect and accurately position your project materials but to also precisely track the movement of your workpiece throughout the process

Fire Detection for Safe Operation

When the flame detector senses the presence of a flame, an automated process is initiated whereby the camera promptly sends a signal to disable the engraver. The system then proceeds to send an alert message to the designated recipient(s)’ phones notifying them of the occurrence.

Mintion Lasercam

Use on Browser

There are some fantastic options at your disposal when it comes to using BeagleEngrave. In addition to the excellent app, there is another tool you can leverage to take full advantage of its capabilities. By logging into your camera on your preferred browser, you will be able to seamlessly upload your gcode files without any hassle.

Real-time Prompt Engraving Status

Beagle Engrave provides real time updates on engraving or cutting progress. It has customizable alerts, you’ll never miss a beat. Focus on other tasks while the Beagle Engrave monitors your project for interruptions, completed jobs, and pause requests.

Mintion Lasercam

Normal Recording & Playback

Lasercam is a wifi camera that can be used to record videos and play them back immediately. If something unexpected happens, the recorded videos can be saved as evidence.

Mintion Lasercam

Create Time-lapse Video with Fun

Did you know that creating a stunning timelapse video is no longer a tedious and time consuming task? you can now create a timelapse video automatically using three different methods! These methods are incredibly easy to use, and can help you achieve impressive results without having to spend hours behind a camera.

Normal Timelapse Video

Camera captures image every 5 seconds, laser module stationary in video.

Clean Timelapse Video

The laser module moves every 5 seconds to create a timelapse video.

Timer Timelapse Video

This mode enables timelapse video without engraver connection. Simply use camera timing settings.

Mintion Lasercam Laser Engraver

Compatible Laser Engravers

The lasercam has been intricately designed to be a standalone product capable of performing multiple functions for laser engraver/cutter. Furthermore, the laser camera is compatible with many of the popular brands of diode laser engraver. Therefore, you can be confident that it will work seamlessly with your existing equipment and processes.

Creality Laser Engraver

Falcon / Falcon2

Ortur Laser Engraver

LM2 / LM2 S2 / LM2 Pro S2 / LM3 / LM3 LE

xTool Laser Engraver

D1 / D1 Pro

Aufero Laser Engraver

AL1 / AL2

Longer Laser Engraver

RAY5 / Laser B1

TwoTree Laser Engraver

TTS / TS2 / TS3

iKier Laser Engraver

K1 Pro / K1 Pro Max / K1 Ultra

Sculpfun Laser Engraver

S6 / S6 Pro / S9 / S10 / S30 / S30 Pro / S30 Pro Max / S30 Ultra

Comgrow Laser Engraver


Atomstack Laser Engraver

A5 M30 / A5 M40 / A5 M50 / A5 M50 Pro / A5 Pro / A5 Pro+ / A10 Pro / A20 Pro / A30 Pro / P9 M40 / P9 M50 / P7 M30 / P7 M40 / S10 PRO / X7 / X7 Pro / X20 Pro / X30 Pro

Mintion Lasercam Laser Engraver

Compatible Software

In addition, the Lasercam works perfectly well with two of the most popular software programs available, LightBurn and LaserGRBL. You will be able to achieve amazing results with its help. Mintion, the creators of the Lasercam, are currently in the testing phase for the xTool Creative Space.

With the Mintion Lasercam, you can take your work to the next level and achieve your goals with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of working with incompatible devices and software programs, and say hello to the power of the Lasercam!

Mintion Lasercam Laser Engraver

Where To Get The Application

The Mintion Lasercam app is a popular software for people who use laser instruments. It helps users save video footage easily. This app is very modern and can be downloaded from many places, like Google Play.

Mintion Lasercam Laser Engraver



Remote Monitor
Remote Control Engraver
Position in Lightburn
Offline Engraving and Cutting
Fire Detection
Normal Record and Playback
Timelapse Videos

Mintion LaserCam


Normal USB Camera

Mintion Lasercam Laser Engraver


10Expert Score

The Lasercam setup had cable management concerns, but a lengthy USB-C cable and an additional cable for flame detection were included. The offline control worked well, but the mount is not very stable. The Lasercam app did not overheat. Setting up in Lightburn was straightforward, but some settings may need adjustment. The camera has impressive resolution. Overall, the Lasercam is a remarkable piece of equipment that requires time and patience to understand, and updates can be found on the Mintion website. It is a fantastic addition to anyone's laser setup.

Camera Resolution
Phone Application
Web Browser Connection
Overall Design Of Camera
  • Image Quality
  • Video Quality
  • Cable Placement
  • Price
Mintion Lasercam Laser Engraver

Where To Buy

You can buy the Mintion Laser camera for your laser engraver from the links bellow or you can buy directly from Mintion.

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