Mintion Beagle Camera Is It Good For Time Lapse Videos

With the Minition Beagle camera, users will not only be able to control and monitor a 3D printer remotely through a smartphone or tablet, but they will also be able to create time lapse videos based on the printing production process, which can be used for both educational and entertaining purposes. 

Mintion Beagle Camera Specifications

ModelBeagleFrame RateUp to 25fps
Video CompressionH.264Auto Time-lapse VideoYes
Video Resolution1080PWiFi ConnectivitySupports 2.4GHz 802.11g/n
Night Version YesConnect to PrinterUSB Cable
Upload Printable File
Yes, gcode file
Temp. Monitor
Yes, for Hot End & Hot Bed
Power Source
CompatibilityMarlin 3D PrintersFiles StorageMicro SD Card

Create Pretty Cool Video without Any Setting

The Beagle camera has embedded the codes in the system to capture the image of the model when one layer is finished. The commands that are provided will allow the hot end and the Y-axis to be moved aside, and then the printing will resume after the capture is complete. There are two ways in which you can download the video, either via the App or by using a PC browser. The beagle camera uses a fixed lens for its optical system, which has a 20 cm focus distance.

Stop to Save Filament

With the Beagle camera, you can have access to check the printing status wherever you are, at any time. There is also an option to stop the printing process if there is a problem in order to save filament and your time in the future. In addition, you can monitor and control the 3D printer from your PC browser in LAN and easily upload gcode files for printing directly to the printer. The Beagleprint allows you to manage multiple 3D printers at the same time through the use of many cameras.

The Mintion Beagle Camera Unboxing Video

This is an excellent unboxing and tutorial from Mintion that you won’t want to miss. The Eryone ER 20 3D printer I was using encountered a problem when it came to connecting to it. This was due to it not being compatible with the camera, so had to use the Artillery Sidewinder X2. As a result of the help I received from Mintion, many of the issues I was experiencing were resolved. Below, I will explain all the issues in more detail.

What FDM 3D Printer Does Mintion Beagle Camera Support

The BealgePrint camera supports Marlin 3D printers with the default baud rate of 115200, such as Creality Ender 3 / Pro / V2 / Max, Ender 5 / Pro / Plus; Anycubic Mega SE / Zero 2.0, Vyper; Voxelab Aquila / C2 / X2; Longer LK4 / Pro, LK5 Pro; Prusa MINI / MINI3S+. Mintion has added the 250000 baud rate to their camera Linux system, but Mintion are still working on the communication between the camera and 3D printer.

Read this article to check if your 3D printer is supported on the Mintion Beagle Camera.

  • Eryone ER 20 3D Printer
  • Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D Printer
  • Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer
  • Kywoo Tycoon Max 3D Printer


How Does The Beagleprint Application Work?

The Beagleprint application is a simple yet elegant application that allows you to monitor the progress of your 3D printing in real-time as well as the status of your 3D printer in real-time. As a result of using Beagleprint, you should be able to produce some pretty amazing time-lapse videos without having to make any advanced settings at all like editing Gcode or by making a switch that takes a picture of your 3D print.

Furthermore, Beagleprint allows you to:

  • Watch the real-time videos of 3D printing at HD / SD resolution
  • Capture the images of 3D printing
  • Connect / Disconnect your FDM 3D printer
  • Upload the gcode files for direct printing
  • Check the 3D printing process by percentage
  • Pause / Stop the 3D printing
  • Monitor the model height, layers, fan speed, etc
  • Check the temperature curve of the hotend and the hotbed
  • Set the goal temperature for the hotend and the hotbed
  • Move the X/Y/Z axis by millimeter units
  • Adjust the feed rate and fan speed
  • Playback the normal recorded videos by day/time on your mobile phone
  • Download the time-lapse videos to your mobile phone
  • In theory, there’s no limit to adding cameras into the application to control numerous 3D printers, but if the number is beyond 30 units, it will occupy a lot of the GPU resources of your mobile phone
  • Online upgrade of the firmware of the Beagle camera
  • Wireless extends the Beagle camera for smart kits

As far as I know, you should be able to control all of this using an Android application on your mobile phone, but this wasn’t the case for me. I was having problems getting the BeaglePrint application to comply with the instructions I was giving it. Some of the time, it would allow me to connect to the 3D printer, but all I could do was adjust the print head when. In addition to this, the Beagle Camera would keep on disconnecting while using the application and the mobile phone would get hot while it was running. The phrase “heating up” is used as a metaphor to describe my phone as it is threatening to blow up!

If you encounter this problem, I recommend that you use your PC browser, but you need to be connected to the same internet connection as the Beagle Camera in order to use this method.

Where To Get The Beagleprint Application

Mintion Beagle camera

A How To Guide For Connecting The Beagleprint Camera To The WiFi Network

Please download the app “Beagleprint” in App Store, Google Play, or the apk files from Mintion Google drive (only for the Andriod system). After that, please follow the steps as follows: 

1. Click Beagleprint to run, and register your information to login (Only ask for the first time to login); 

2. Power up the camera, and you will listen to the voice of “Camera is ready for AP configuration”; 

3. click “+” on the top right of the screen;

4. Click the button “AP Configuration“;

5. Click the button “Next“;

6. Select the WiFi you want to connect to and input the password of Wi-Fi, then click the button “Next“;

7. Click the button “Go to Setting Interface“, then connect the Wi-Fi with the prefix of “BGCAM***XXX-XXXXX” and input the default password of “01234567“; Then go back to the Beagleprint app and click the button “Next“;

8. The camera will connect the Wi-Fi, and you will hear the voice of “Successfully connected to the WiFi“. The whole procedure needs to wait for 1-2 minutes because the camera needs to restart.

How To Upgrade The Firmware on The Mintion Beagle camera

While the Beagle camera is an ongoing project, Mintion are adding more different 3D printers and slicers for compatible everyday. Therefore, with the latest firmware, you will have more compatibility and better user experience on the camera. DO NOT power off the camera power during upgrading this can cause brick issues meaning the camera will break. The whole procedure will take about 3 minutes.


If you have finished adding devices in the APP, you can skip this section.

1. Download or update the Beagleprint to the latest version.
2. After registration in Beagleprint, click the “+” icon and select the “AP Configuration”.
3. If there’s any problem during the AP configuration, please ensure the permission of Beagleprint app is enabled.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section]

If the camera have connected to the WiFi network, you can skip this section.

1. This operation will solve the 90% firmware upgrade failure problem.
2. Click Device, and then click Settings in the upper right corner.
3. Select “Camera information” and then click “Reset Camera (Save Wi-Fi)”, and wait for the Camera to finish restarting (you hear “Succeed connect to Wi-Fi” from Camera).

1. Take off the power cable from the Beagle camera.
2. Press the micro SD card to pop out from the slot.

1. Insert the micro SD card into the card reader and then into your PC.

2. Copy the upgrade file into micro SD card in the root folder.

(Please DO NOT change the name of the upgrade file, otherwise, the upgrade won’t work.)

1. Insert the micro SD card into the slot. The goldfinger of micro SD card is on the down side.
2. Insert the power cable into the Beagle Camera.
3. Please wait for about 1-2 minutes to initiate of camera system until the LED light is lighting up.

1. The whole upgrading procedure will take about 3 minutes, you will hear the reminder voice of camera upgrading.
2. If the upgrading is not finished, DO NOT power off the camera; otherwise, the camera will be brick.
3. How to check the upgrading procedure is finished?
3.1 Check the camera if it’s onine or offline. If it’s online, that means the upgrading is finished.
3.2 Access the camera information to check the firmware version.



Beagle CameraRaspberry Pi + USBcam(Octoprint)Creality Smart Kit
Easy to usePlug&PlayNot easy, Need configurationPlug&Play
Time lapse VideoNo settingSetup OctolapseNo
Normal RecrodingYesNoNo
Check Printing ProcessYesYesYes
Temperature CurveYesYesNo
Upload Printable Files
gcode filesstl & gcode filesstl files
PC AccessibleYesYesNoNone
CompatibilityYesYesOnly for Creality
Easy to Approach
Create Time-lapse Videos★★★★★★★★None
App Control 3D Printer★★★★★★★★★★★★★
PC Control 3D Printer★★★★★★★★★None

Mintion Beagle Camera Price And Shipping Details

This bealgeprint camera is capable of using a maximum of 128GB of storage on a TF card.
PriceDiscount PriceStorage SizeShipped From
£65.13£56.9932GB (DEFAULT)CN

Free Standard Shipping Over $30 in Orders


USA Regions:7-12 Days / Canada Region:12-20 Days /European Regions:8-15 Days /Others:12-25 Days

Bealgeprint Time Lapse Videos


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