Ooznest Glitz PLA Filament Review

Do you want a fantastic glitz PLA? Want to give a WOW factor print which excites every person? Of course, you want! One of the best materials for you is the Ooznest Glitz PLA. Usually, it makes the combination of shining glitter flakes with the standard PLA. And, it provides a beautiful sparkle that you have never seen before.

Let us discuss some of the features of Ooznest Glitz PLA:

  • Usually, it is not abrasive
  • Ooznest Glitz PLA contains the least smell
  • This material does not wrap
  • It is easy to print

Of course, it enhances your interest to get Ooznest Glitz PLA. It can reveal your abilities of 3D Printing. Its layers are almost invisible. Also, you can see the parts; they appear like they have not been 3D printed. Ooznest has different colours in their Glitz filament from silver, gold, iron, emerald, sapphire and including copper.

How is Glitz PLA different from others?

You may know that PLA stands for Polylactic Acid. Ideally, the PLA 3D Printer Filament is the most important material utilised in 3D printing around the world. Ooznest Glitz PLA Filament is a thermoplastic polymer which constitutes sugarcane and corn starch.

Usually, both are organic resources. So, it makes PLA recyclable. Therefore, it can break down in almost six months in the right environment. Maybe, you have a thought that PLA 3D Filament sounds like it is a weak material. Hence, it is not underestimated. The blending of Ooznest Materials PLA is less brittle and more robust as compared to others in the market. PLA takes its strength to the next level.

Why Choose Ooznest Materials PLA?

We always dream, breath and live 3D printing at Ooznest. We are utilising 3D printers regularly. It is making parts for the machines or may have fun. Ooznest glitz PLA Materials began out of a requirement for bringing the diversity of the most delicate stuff for every maker at reasonable prices. Generally, the filaments are made in Europe for high standards which the premium, no polluted raw materials.

All of the Ooznest Materials Printer Filaments consist of 0.05 mm diameter tolerance. Regularly, the filaments reach the vacuumed packed, inside the shrink-wrapped boxes, with an additional secret treat. Also, it covers the 3D Printer filament arrives in a perfect condition prepared for printing. All the Ooznest Materials PLA filaments twist on the 100 per cent natural cardboard reel. The cardboard reels are inflexible. They do not turn, deform, and tear from using it again and again.

Still not sure if this filament is best for you? No need to worry! You can purchase a sample of Ooznest Materials and give it a try. We always promise you will be happy and contented with this material. Usually, there is no exchange process or hassle return for Ooznest Glitz PLA. So, there is always a member accessible by phone or email for taking the advice of printing, or for general information.

 3D Print Of Anna From Frozen

The size of Anna is printed at Y105mm, X120mm, Z 182mm, took 12 hours to 3D print on the Tevo Little Monster and using a 0.4 nozzle. I do recommend going up to a 0.5 nozzle because it may clog and you don’t want that. The basic setting I used was, Infill 12%, perimeter shells 1, top solid layers 4, bottom solid layers 3, heat bed temperature at 50c, hotend temperature 205c used a layer height of 0.25. You can find the 3D printable file of the Frozen Anna Logo Bust from Thingiverse by – kubus66

I would happily use the Ooznest Glitz PLA Copper filament again, clean straight print no clogs or jams. PERFECT amount of glitter for me as I love when light shines off it, and you see the sparkle. Some people might think there is not enough glitter. The only let down for me was that on the listing it says ” copper ” but looks more of a Mahogany, reddish-brown colour. But overall it is an excellent filament that oozes out your nozzle on demand. To finish the model off, I have done a quick paint job on it and left the base glitter

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