Original Prusa XL Large-Scale CoreXY 3D Printer

Prusa Research is a manufacturer of 3D printing machines known for its original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printers. Prusa 3D printers are known for their quality and performance, but no other  3D printer beats them when it comes to both. Throughout its long history, Prusa has continuously offered advanced FDM and resin machines for every level of consumer. Prusa i3 MK3S+ is a good option for the average consumer, the Prusa mini is for those who are looking for a cheaper option and finally, they have introduced the Original Prusa XL for those who want the most performance out of their FDM CoreXY 3D printer.

Original Prusa XL 3D Printer Technical Specifications

Printer designCore XY
Build volume 36×36×36 cm (14.17’’×14.17’’×14.17’’)
Printer dimensions 80×80×90* cm (31.49’’ ×31.49’’× 35.43’’)* including side spool holders and top enclosure
Filament diameter1.75mm, a wide range of thermoplastics supported including, but not limited to PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS
ExtruderZero-backlash cycloidal 20:1 gearbox with no-slip drive gear, Load Cell sensor
Tool Changer with up to 5 tool heads (optional upgrade via built-in expansion port)
BedSegmented heatbed with 16 individually controlled segments
Print surfaceRemovable magnetic steel sheets with different surface finishes
Ethernet connectionbuilt-in
Power panicHardware-based, single G-Code line accuracy
Mesh Bed Levelling
Load Cell-based fully automatic first layer calibration with no Live Z adjustment
 32-bit custom-made board with an expansion slot, single-cable communication with tool heads, network features, one-click printing


Special Features Of The Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

Nextruder Extruder

A new extruder is being launched with the new Prusa 3D printer, the Nextruder. In comparison to its predecessors, this new extruder is much lighter and features many advanced features. Designed with no-slip drive gear and a zero-backlash gearbox, this is the latest and greatest technology on the market.

Prusa XL Rigid CoreXY

In addition to being constructed from heavy-duty aluminum extrusion, the well-designed sturdy frame of the Prusa XL 3D printer allows it to maintain its precise position even at high speeds. As well as this, the XL is equipped with an energy-efficient heatbed with 16 segments that can be controlled individually. The design of the 3d printer allows for precise and impressive 3D printing up to a size of 363636 cm (14.17”14.17”14.17”).

Power-loss Recovery

When working with a build area this large, a large 3D print can easily take several days to complete. The XL is equipped with hardware-based power loss recovery, so you no longer have to worry about a power outage ruining your 3D prints. In the event of a power outage, the Prusa XL stores the last known location of the extruder, so the printer will resume printing when the power is restored.

Automatic First Layer Calibration

Nextruder has an automatic bed leveler function that basically turns the nozzle into something that can level the bed on its own. As a result, the system is able to generate a perfect first layer every time, without any user intervention. There is no need to tune or adjust it, as it is perfectly tuned straight out of the box. Furthermore, the Prusa XL calibrates before each print with pinpoint accuracy, allowing for no mistakes to occur.

32 Bit Electronics and Smart Features

The Prusa XL is equipped with a 32-bit motherboard with expansion ports to be used for future upgrades. Five different tool heads can be connected to the expansion ports. In addition to the powerful motherboard, it is also equipped with features such as the preview of G-code and a one-click printing option.

Slice With PrusaSlicer

As with all other Prusa 3D Printers, the Prusa XL is designed to work very well with the Prusa slicer. This includes fully tuned profiles for all their printers, and the Prusa XL is no exception to this. Not only do we have tuned profiles, Prusa slicer also has many advanced tools, for example cutting, automated object distribution, ironing, and many more. Prusa slicer even feature pre-configured profiles for all Prusament filaments and other popular filament types.

Wide Range Of Supported Materials

Prusa XL is equipped to handle all kinds of 3D printing materials, including the regular filaments such as PLA, ABS, and even flexible filaments, but it can also handle a variety of more advanced materials such as PETG, ASA, PC, and PP.


There is no doubt that the coolest feature of the Prusa XL is the tool changer. Among the many features available on the Prusa XL is the ability to connect up to five independent tool heads. In addition, each tool head is driven by its own electronic circuit board. Additionally, the fully custom tool changer has been designed with a reliable wear-resistant system in-house developed. As a result, the system can change the tool head’s alignment and calibrating itself automatically. So, this will make it easier for users to print with multiple colors and materials.

Prusa’s New Nextruder

When it came to designing the XL Prusa’s research covered it all and the XL’s extrusion system is no exception. The Nextruder is the next generation of 3D printing technology. Each extruder has a dedicated CPU and stepper driver directly in the tool head. In addition, the Nextruder has a breakout board allowing for only one connector cable for easier maintenance.

Load Cell Sensor

With the help of a load cell sensor, the Prusa XL now has truly fully automatic bed leveling. to clarify with the load cell sensor, the nozzle becomes the bed probe virtually removing live Z adjustments. As a result, this new innovative system allows for an incredibly accurate height calculation even if the nozzle was just changed. allowing the XL to Provide a perfect first layer every time. What else can the load cell do? find out on Prusa’s blog

loadcell sensor prusa xl

New Filament Drive System

Everything was upgraded with the new Nextruder, including the drive system. Meaning instead of the old dual drive gear system, the new Nextruder uses a zero-backlash cycloidal gearbox with a ratio of 20:1. Additionally, there is one large no-slip drive gear that enables more control and precision when it comes to feeding filament. Lastly,  Prusa added a second thermistor into the heat break, allowing for more precise temperature control depending on what the filament requires and can be used to detect heat creep.

filament drive geas

Prusa XL Tool-Changer

And perhaps the unique feature of the Prusa XL 3D printer is the tool changer system. The tool-changer system is easily expandable with up to five tool heads. Thanks to the load cell sensor we also have automatic bed leveling virtually eliminating the need to calibrate prints or each tool head. The in-house designed kinematic coupler mechanism is specially built to last millions of tool changes. Having multiple tool heads opens many doors for your creativity. For starters, you could print water-soluble supports or multi-colored prints up to five colors or print with multiple materials.multi colored print prusia xl

Pre-order The Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

The Prusa XL 3D printer is expected to start shipping for the first time in the third quarter of 2022. If, however, you wish to save your position in line, you will have to pay the refundable deposit in order to retain your place. Deposits are only for saving your place in line and are not binding. As soon as the XL is ready to ship, you will receive a notification with an option to edit the order.

When you edit your order, you will be able to choose a specific XL version, add accessories, add-ons, and filaments, and cancel your order if needed. The deposit will be deducted from the final price of the project. The remainder of the price will be charged to your credit card before it shipped the XL. According to the Prusa website, the Prusa XL base cost with one tool head is $1,999, $2,499 with two tool heads, and $3,499 with five tool heads  . You can pre-order your Prusa XL here.

First Look At The Original Prusa XL

Prusa XL 3D Printer Final Thoughts

All in all, the Original Prusa XL is a very advanced large format 3D printer built with the highest quality parts to ensure a reliable printer. The most advanced feature of this machine is the tool-changer system, which enables the user to print in multi-color or multi-material with ease, so that you can create like you have never done before. Prusa’s new nextruder is equipped with a gear system that prevents slippage. This enhanced version of the Prusa XL 3D printer represents the next step in 3D printing technology.


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