Pathio Beta: A Pathio To Success?

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Pathio Beta Slicer!

You may know of E3D-Online, makers of 3D Printers as well 3D printer accessories. In fact, they have now ventured out into the software industry with a totally new slicer called Pathio!

As a result, it is being developed from the ground up to go up against the likes of S3D, Cura and Slic3r.  They are currently in the beta stage of things.  As a result, the software is available to all, if you are interested in trying it right now.

What Do We Know?

3D Offsetting

Pathio calculates a true 3D-Offset to define shell and infill, creating a self-supporting shell geometry without gaps or holes.  Our shell is more mechanically consistent, with corners being reinforced and shells on sloped surfaces maintaining constant thickness. – Pathio Team

Intuitive Grouped Settings

Pathio has an elegant and powerful UI, with a model grouping system; models are organised into groups which can have specific slicing settings applied to them. You can use this to quickly set up a matrix of test prints, intuitively set up dual extrusion models, or combine production parts with different slicing settings on a single build plate, all with the same workflow.  -Pathio Team

Powerful Scripting

With conditional statements (if this then that), mathematical expressions, access to every slicing variable possible and more script-triggers than ever before we’re taking scripting to a whole new level. All wrapped up in syntax-highlighting script editor with variable auto-completion. If you’re building printers that push the boundaries of possibility you’ll love Pathio.  -Pathio Team

These are just some of the features found in Pathio Beta!  As it is still in the beta stage, I am sure there will be more to come!

Is Pathio Free?

Currently, yes as it is in beta stage.  However, the software team states in one of their blog posts that Pathio will not remain free.  They haven’t officially announced any sort of cost estimate.

Will Pathio Work On My Computer?

Pathio is available for MAC, Windows & Linux operating systems. So, chances are pretty high that it will.

Where Can I Get Pathio?

Pathio is available to download directly from the Pathio site here.

If you like what you see so far, why not let us know how you find it in the comments below?  We’d love to hear your views!

Could this be the Pathio To Success?  It goes to say, that only time will tell!

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