Popeye 3D Model Honors His Roots And Loves His Spinach

Popeye 3D Model Fanart is a recent figure from artist Bruno Figueredo de Sousa. This model depicts an early cartoon version based on 1930’s Coast Guard or similar white crackerjack Navy uniforms. Popeye is the latest of Bruno’s 3D printable figures if have printed and/or test printed.

Did you know Popeye was originally in the U.S. Coastguard and not the Navy? Popeye didn’t enlist in the Navy and become a true “sailor” until 1941 when he appeared in the animated classic “The Mighty Navy”. Honestly I’m no expert on Popeye’s origins, history or military uniforms. Instead, I fondly remember watching his cartoon reruns as a kid. If you are a fan of Popeye, military characters or Bruno’s creations, keep reading to find out more details.

Popeye Fanart

Popeye Just Hanging Out

Popeye 3D Model Breakdown

Bruno’s Popeye figure is comprised of only ten (10) pieces with clean-cut lines similar to the cartoon drawings. Here is a quick breakdown of the included cut and keyed pieces.

  • Base – Solid one-piece base
    • Custom cut base with two pieces for separate color printing
  • Anchor – Single piece
  • Hat, Pipe, Can Lid, Head & Shirt – Separate individual pieces
  • Trousers – Pants and shoes are one piece
    • I was considering separating the shoes from the pants, but painting the shoes will be easy
  • Arms (2) – Left and Right forearms with shirt cuff attached
    • Custom cut arms with two pieces each for color printing

The figure’s default scale is in the 1/6 300mm size range. However, Popeye is of short stature. The completed print measures 12 inches / 300 mm tall, with a 6 1/2 inch / 160 mm round base.

NOTE1: I used colored plastic to emulate the cartoon, minimize painting and for fun. Using MeshMixer (link), I made some custom cuts and pegs at the forearm shirt cuff joints. I would have custom cut the shoes, but I was pressed for time and knew they would be easy to paint black. Additionally the base was separated into two pieces for color printing.
NOTE2: The printed can lid and pipe are very small are require post processing for a proper fit. Also, I personally chose not to depict the pipe in any of my pictures. The lid simply never got sanded.

Figure Printing Goals

Every 3D printable figures project is a little different. Often I am using a new machine, material and/or profile. While printing this Popeye Fanart, I was using my first Eryone Thinker SE (LINK) while rebuilding my corrupted Cura profiles.

  • Complete Print – Success
  • Print Model at Provided scale – Successful – Approximately 1/6 300mm scale
  • Layout parts for minimal sanding and post-processing – Great – Except when a few supports fell over especially on the head
  • Custom cut and key both forearms – GREAT – Minimal gap and a good fit
  • Share my insights, printer settings and inspire others to push past their current limits – Success? Let me know in the comment section

My results for testing printing this Popeye Fanart for Bruno were great overall. I will eventually fix or reprint a few pieces to satisfy my OCD tendencies. However, I was able to provide the artist with several images for his sales campaign and 3D art gallery.

Popeye Filaments

For this FDM print of Popeye 3D Model, I used several different colored rolls. I wanted to print the figure with minimal need for future painting. Here are more filament details.

  • Blue: Yousu Silk Pearlescent PLA @ 215° C Lower base section
  • Green: Yousu Silk Pearlescent PLA @ 215° C – Upper base section
  • Silver: Yousu Silk Pearlescent PLA @ 215° C – Anchor
  • White: Yousu PLA @ 195° C – Legs, Torso, Cuffs, Hat
  • Flesh: Solutech PLA @ 195° C – Arms & Head/Neck


I have used Yousu Pearlescent colored rolls sparingly. Silk PLA with 2020’s prices has discouraged me from printing random 3D printable figures with these colorful rolls. My silver roll needs to be dried, but it printed alright for this project. Yousu’s White PLA prints smooth with an almost chalk-like finish at 195°C. Solutech’s Flesh roll continues to provide smooth prints despite some issues with my supports.

Popeye Fanart Printing Details

This Popeye 3D Model project was printed entirely on my first Eryone Thinker SE FDM printer. Here are my basic print settings from my Cura profiles.

  • Blue & Green – Base Pieces – Layers 0.20 mm @ 60 mm/s – Tilted 45° with Standard Supports
  • Silver – Anchor – 0.24 mm @ 60 mm/s – Extra thick last piece while in a hurry
  • White Legs; Torso; Cuffs; Hat – 0.12 mm @ 60 mm/s
  • Flesh/Peach – Arms & Head/Neck – 0.12 mm @ 60 mm/s

Based on the cartoon level of detail for this Popeye figure, I chose to use slightly thicker layer heights. Typically I will use 0.06-0.08 for Heads and hands while using 0.10 for body parts. The resulting print quality is quite acceptable. No excessive sanding was required. My print will be on my shelf as-printed until I decide to paint the finer details.

Popeye Model Quality and Cuts

Bruno’s Popeye Fanart looks and feels like it jumped out of a 1930’s cartoon and straight onto my desk. “I yam what I yam an’ tha’s all I yam” Although the design is cartoon-ish, the model has plenty of details throughout. This includes his hat, face, shirt cuffs, scarf knot, tattoos and his famous can of spinach.

Assembling Popeye was very easy, with curved cuts and properly sized keys. Wet sanding was used only to removed support scar material. The pieces fit together great without any post-processing. “Shiver me timbers!”

My custom cut forearm cuff joints also fit together effortlessly. The custom peg I created while separating the base into two pieces, does require some additional sanding for a perfect fit. “I yam disgustipated”

“Oh my gorshk!” This project was so fun and easy to assemble!!

Obviously Popeye is excited to greet so many long time and new fans!

Popeye 3D Printed Eye Candy

Here are some slideshows of my prints, test fits, failures and completed model. Enjoy!

More 3D Models

Bruno has a growing collection of 3D printable figures. I have purchased and/or test printed several of them. Here is my review of Batwoman Fanart Battles an Evil Slicer Profile.

Bruno also has created: Supergirl Fanart (LINK), Duckpool Fanart (LINK), Vegata Fanart (LINK), Mystique Fanart (LINK) as well as several character busts. Why not check out Bruno’s Artstation gallery. I want to finish printing his Mystique figure and then start his newest, a Classic Scarlet Witch figure.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this model review and another creation from Bruno. While you are still here why not check out this article about the Eryone Thinker S Printer (INOV3D Link).

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