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For those of you that own a resin 3D printer, you’ll notice that around the LCD screen there is a protective strip of tape which is a Resin Display Protection Vinyl. This can be bland and boring, but why not jazz it up with some colour!? Kevin from 3D DIY reached out to me and sent me some Resin Display Protection Vinyls to test with on my Longer Orange 10.

If you spend over €10, you can get 5% off using the code INOV3D – This is only valid until the 15th March 2020 and limited to 50 orders so get in quick!


The Resin Display Protection Vinyls were packaged well in a bubble envelope. The pieces of vinyl are slotted within the paper instructions on how to apply these to your printer. The vinyls have a backing on them, and then an opaque sheet on top. Also, it is stamped with the business name.


The quality of these Resin Display Protection Vinyls is outstanding. With clean cuts, no smudges or creases they are of professional quality! The colour is vibrant, so it stands out well.

Also, the material used is designed to withstand UV light for up to 7 years! It’s the same material used for vehicle lettering so these should last!

Easy to install

To install these Resin Display Protection Vinyls, all that is needed is for you to remove your old one off your printer carefully. It should easily peel away. Clean the area of any dust and ensure the LCD is still seated in the right place.

Firstly peel off one side of the opaque layer which should have the vinyl attached (It suggested to start with the long side) Line this up across the gap where the LCD sits on the printer and making sure it is straight, apply slight pressure for the vinyl to stick. Secondly, you can then proceed to apply pressure along the sides and then the bottom. Wipe all over the opaque layer with a cloth to ensure its all smooth and the vinyl adheres. Finally, carefully start to lift one of the corners, ensuring the vinyl is stuck to the printer and not peeling off with the backing paper. Carefully lift the whole backing paper off, and you are done!

Where to buy

You can buy these direct from the 3D DIY site. The site is in German, but you can get translator apps for your browser if needed.

Also, you can specify your dimensions to have your vinyl custom made for your printer. Select the “individual” variant and send a short email with your request after ordering. Priced from only €2.50 up to €4.00 each, they can work out cheaper when buying more than 1.

Resin Display Protection Vinyls also come in a variety of colours.

Colours available:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Matte Black
  • Matte White
  • Red


To sum up, I am incredibly pleased with the quality of these Resin Display Protection Vinyls. They certainly make your printer look the part! With the ease of installation and clear written instructions, these are a great addition!

As a sole trader, 3D DIY is coming out with some great products! I have the RGBW light kit of which I am yet to install. So keep an eye out for a review on that coming soon as well as a small introduction to Kevin and how 3D DIY came about.

Besides, a new product has launched in the shop. Having partnered with FilamentOne and Ultistik in the US, 3D DIY is the first and only European reseller for the magnetic FlexPlate system. It is a Double-sided, PEI powder-coated spring steel sheet for FDM printers. If you like to find out more, you can check them out here.

Want more for your resin printer? Check out Best SLA DLP LCD Slicer Software for 3D Printers in 2020 or how about  Anycubic Photon Zero – An SLA 3D Printer For Under £130!?



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