Resumer 3D Why did We Succeed On Kickstarter?

Resumer 3D During the past month when you were streaming 3D printer groups on Facebook or Twitter, you may have found that people are talking about a tiny and magical box called Resumer 3D.  This is because it can resume interrupted or failed 3D prints from any printed layer automatically.  Resumer 3D has reached 125% of its goal on Kickstarter in July. We will be the best team we can be to bring new innovations to the 3D printing industry If you want to know more about Resumer 3D, check out the video by clicking here!
What have we done to make Resumer 3D popular in 3D printing?

Micro innovation makes a big difference

Besides Resumer 3D, there are other alternative ways to resume failed 3D prints. However, they are expensive or complicated for beginners. In terms of Resumer 3D, the target customers are beginners and people who would like to save time.
What makes Resumer 3D different is that it can resume the failed print from any printed layer. That means you can adjust the Z-axis value when you resume the print, this makes it convenient for people to adjust the nozzle to the right position for resuming.

Open source spirit resumer 3d

Resumer 3D Team is very a open team, and we think commerce will be different in the future. It will be more open and customized. We started by opening our ideas and designs on Hackaday. As time went by, more and more people got to know us and they even asked us if they could buy this product before we launched Kickstarter project. Open is the best way to gain trust from customers.

International team and cooperation 

Resumer 3D team is an international team.  Our team members are from US, China, Germany, Italy, and Australia. All of them have their own advantages. US team members are more creative, German team members are more strict, and Italian team members are more friendly. China offer a strong manufacturing capability.  So I think international cooperation is good for all of us. I know the basic commerce principles are communication and cooperation.

Community Running 

Thanks to the Internet, we can easily find people who have the same interests with us.  We can share our projects on the Internet sites, such as Hackaday, Github, and Thingiverse. When we had the idea of Resumer 3D, we launched a project on Hackaday.  We posted it there, highlighting the designing and manufacturing process.  Many customers gave us feedback and then we optimized the design based on the feedback.  We designed the product together with our customers. Our team thought it was good idea, and we have begun to manufacture our 3D printer called Eryone 3D.   We post our designs on our group, and this allows us to get different ideas from our community everyday.
 If you want to know more about how Eryone 3D is designing a 3D printer with customer input, you can check here.
You should check out the 3D printer deals page to see what all we have available this month!
Resumer 3D will be online on Amazon and eBay in August, and I will ask some coupons for Inov3d readers. Thank you!

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