Sovol SV02 Dual Extruder 3D Printer: Unleash Its Power

Sovol SV02 Dual Extruder 3D printer is another amazing printer that is affecting the 3D printing environment. Let’s check out more about this amazing dual extruder printer.

sovol sv02Sovol SV02 Dual Extruder Main Features

Two-in-one-out Hotend

The dual extruder is the new fashion now. Thus, the users have more options to create new designs and amazing new mixtures of filaments. In addition, the print quality is of high quality despite the usage of two filaments. This further gives confidence to creative users to try new things and filament for their prints.

Silent Motherboard

When it comes to the motherboard, Sovol SV02 3D printer houses the great TMC2208 ultra-silent motherboard. Therefore, the print function is much quieter than normal printers. This is a major plus for this printer.

Tempered Glass Build Plate

Another plus for the Sovol SV02 is its tempered glass build plate. This plate ensures that you do not have to put any extra materials on the build plate once your print is complete. Therefore, once the print is complete, it automatically pops out o the build plate without you having to remove it by using hairspray, etc.

Resume Print Feature

The resume print feature is pretty much available in all the printers that are in the market now. Similarly, this printer has the resume print feature, which allows you to work with the ease of mind.

Auto bed leveling Feature

Another salient feature of the printer is its auto bed leveling feature. Therefore, the leveling of the print bed is not a major issue now. Furthermore, the Sovol SV02 is compatible with the BL touch screen. Therefore, when you install a BL touch screen, you can complete the leveling process much faster and easier.

Dual Z-axis Design

The presence of two Z-axis screws and stepper motor drives the vertical axis. This improves the accuracy and precision of the print, with a Z-axis of .001mm.

Build Specifications

The Sovol SV02 has a build volume of 240 x 280 x 300 mm with a single color. And 240 x 240 x 300 mm with the dual-color feature. You can achieve these prints at a layer thickness of.1-.4mm. The stepper motor has a 42-40 step motor and 42-34 step motor installed for the two axes.


The Sovol SV02 supports a range of Slicers including Cura, Simplify3D, Prusa Slicer, etc. Therefore, you are not stuck with a single slicer or a limited option of slicers to choose from.


The Sovol SV02 is available for a mere £357.25 on the Sovol website. You can check out the website for the latest offers and discounts on the printer. However, you will also have to check the availability of the printer from the website.

Sovol SV02: Conclusion

Summing up, the Sovol SV02 is a medium level 3D printer that has an all-round benefit for beginners and professionals alike. The principal feature of the printer is its capability to house dual extruders. The users can create their unique designs by using dual extruder options. The enhanced capability to stabilize the Z-axis enhances the last print quality. Moving on, the price of the printer is also in the medium range.

Although it is not the cheapest dual extruder printer in the market, but it is also not very expensive. However, one issue that our team of Inov3D found out was the availability of the Sovol SV02. There is often a shortage of the printer in the market and therefore availability is one issue. On the whole, this printer is moderate and ideal for use by beginners.enthusiasts who want to check their creativity with dual extruder options.

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