Squid Game 3D Printables – 10 Top Quality Projects For Some Won

Squid Game 3D Printables, memes, gifs and other references are all over the internet now. Considering the international popularity of NetFlix’s Squid Game, this should not be a surprise. Halloween may be over, yet that has not stopped the spread of “Squid-Fever”. How many 3D fanart printables have you found and started printing?

Korean created Squid Game is very popular on Netflix internationally. Whether you Love It, Hate It, Do Not Care, or Did Not Understand It obviously it was all over the internet recently. The potential for and talks of a second season will keep this popular fad going for a while.

Featured below are a variety of 3D printable fan art pieces. They vary from realistic figures, mini figures, character mash-ups, masks, key chains and more. Besides the 3D models you can purchase, dozens of models are also available for free via Thingiverse and other model hosting sites. Quality, cuts and Won prices do vary. Some are obviously free. Others may be grossly overpriced (from a customer’s point of view). Many models are designed for Resin 3d printing. Yet, most can be printed using FDM machines with sufficient supports and patience.

No matter your preferences, you are likely to find something that interests you. Below are some that I have found, purchased or already received as a Patreon member. Check out the 3D models and try to eliminate… errrrr Print Them All.

1. Squid Game’s Pink Soldiers

  • Artist: ZT STL / STL Project
  • Links: Soldier Files; ZT STL CGTrader Profile with many different projects.
  • Print Details: Stock Artillery Genius Pro FDM with 0.4 nozzle (Genius Pro Review); Printed tilted back using Cura with Tree and Custom supports; Re-scaled for 180mm 1:10 scale; Each soldier’s scale was tweaked to provide three slightly different heights; 0.16 Layer Heights at 44/22 mm/s speed; Solutech Real Pink PLA.
  • Comments: Squid Game’s three shape soldiers are one piece files; The weapon and base are separate files; All shapes have a weapon version; After careful and minimal clean up, these figures look great.
  • Purchase Information: I have purchased several projects from ZT STL who was willing to provide copies of his Pink Soldiers for this article.

2. Red Light Green Light Game – Giant Doll

  • Artist: ZT STL / STL Project
  • LinksDoll Files; ZT STL CGTrader Profile.
  • Print Details: Solutech Skin PLA Link; Stock Artillery Genius Pro FDM with 0.4 nozzle; 0.16 Layer Height @ 60/30 mm/s speed.
  • Comments: Bonus UP Arm used with head turned for Green Light; Doll is cut and pegged into a few pieces for easier (big) printing; Re-Scaled to match the 1:10 Pink Soldiers from the same artist; Assembly was easy after minimal cleanup.
  • Purchase Information: I have purchased several projects from ZT STL who was willing to provide a copy of his Giant Doll for this article.

3. Little Squid Game 3D Soldiers

  • Artist: Lekhacduy
  • LinksVersion 1 files; Version 2 solider and Soldier Masks Link (not shown or purchased); Cults3D Profile with a variety of designs and subjects.
  • Print Details: Stock Artillery Genius Pro FDM with 0.4 nozzle; GST3D Silver PLA+; Printed with minimal Cura Tree support settings; 60/30 mm/s speed; Resized for smaller quick prints.
  • Comments: The little game printables are solid one piece models; They include all three shapes with your purchase.
  • Purchase Information: These little figures were purchased prior to the planning of this article.

4. Sponge Squid Game

  • Artist: 3DXM / ChibiSTL
  • Links: ChibiSTL Patreon; Additional 3DXM Patreon Link; 3DXM Facebook Link; Both Patreons are filled with multiple releases every month.
  • Print Details: Large base pieces printed with a 300x300x400 Eryone Thinker SE with 0.6 Hardened Steel Nozzle (Eryone Thinker S Review); Patrick and Sponge Bob printed on a slightly modified Longer LK4 Pro with 0.4 Nozzle (Longer LK4 Pro Review); 0.20 Layer Heights for the figures @ 60/30 mm/s speed; Printed at provided scale. Inland Pink PLA Link; Solutech Skin PLA Link.
  • Comments: Square Bob and Triangle Patrick are cut and keyed into two pieces each; Squid ward Doll is divided into three larger pieces; The base is quite larger and cut into multiple pieces. The complete base is not shown.
  • Purchase Information: My subscriptions to both Patreons are active and this diorama was received prior to starting this article.

5. Squid’s Cookies

  • Artist: Emporium3D
  • Links: Emporium3D CGTrader and new Emporium3D Patreon; This new Patreon is starting to grow.
  • Print Details: Eryone Thinker SE with 0.6 Hardened Steel Nozzle; Wood PLA; Solutech Silver Metal PLA Link; Cookies 0.16 Layer Heights @ 60/30 mm/s speed. Printed at provided scale which appears to be full scale.
  • Comments: Smooth back for easier printing and versions with holes to make ornaments are included; With a little cleanup, these cookies came out looking real.
  • Purchase Information: Subscription to this Patreon is active, and they released the files while working on this article.

6. Front Mask

  • Artist: Geoffro Hex3D
  • LinksHex3D Patreon; This Patreon has been around for 5 years – After three consecutive months you gain access to the entire catalogue!!!
  • Print Details: Half Scale; Stock Artillery Genius Pro FDM with 0.4 nozzle; LLLDMAX Spaceship Gray PLA+; 0.20 Layers @ 60/60 mm/s; Scaled to 50% for as a smaller display piece.
  • Comments: Easy to print with minimal supports required – Tip add extra supports to reduce chances of dislodging from the print surface; Printing smaller than 50% with FDM may not succeed with a 0.4 standard nozzle; NOTEPrinted at Draft quality and the mask is modeled with smooth surfaces and sharp corners!
  • Purchase Info: Subscription to this Patreon is active, and the files were released prior to this article.

7. Netflix Game Host Owl Mask

  • Artist: SkulptorJB / Jaybattini
  • LinksJaybattini Cults3D
  • Print Details: Eryone Thinker SE with 0.6 Hardened Steel Nozzle; GST3D Silver PLA+; 0.20 Layers @ 60/60 mm/s
  • Comments: Printing this mask with FDM will be a retraction torture test for your 3D Printer; The quality even at small scale looks amazing.
  • Purchase Information: I have purchased several projects from this artist, provided some fun model bonus ideas and did a test print; Prior to releasing this mask, I was asked to check examine FDM printing, cut locations and print settings.

8. Poké Soldiers Kill Them All

  • Artist: MyPokePrints
  • Links: Free Squid Pikachu Link; Free Squid Bulbasaur Link; Paid Squid Poke Five Character SetMyPokePrints Cults3D.
  • Print Details: Yousu Silk Pink PLA Link; Stock Artillery Genius Pro FDM with 0.4 nozzle; 50% Print Scale.
  • Comments: Solid one piece figures; Great for resin, yet printable with FDM; The tails are fragile, so take care when removing supports and handling the Pokemon.
  • Purchase Information: The two printed figures are currently free to download. The rest of the collection is rather cheap on Cults3D.

9. Keyrings Squid Game 3D Spheres

  • Artist: AlwaysBlue
  • Links: Free Paint Symbols; Free Separated SymbolsAlwaysBlue Thingiverse;
  • Print Details: Not Yet Printed
  • Comments: These files appear to be easy to print. The designer created paint-able and insert-able symbols versions.
  • Purchase Information: Found on Thingiverse with two print versions from the same artist. The doll figure is not included and you need to insert your own metal key ring loop.

10. Keyrings Figures Squid Game

  • Artist: Toma3D
  • Links: Free Keychain V1Toma3D Cults3D;
  • Print Details: Not Yet Printed
  • Comments: These files appear to be easy to print. The designer created insert-able files for painting or multiple colored plastic printing.
  • Purchase Information: Found on Cults3D; You need to insert your own metal key ring loops.

Squid Game 3D Printables

There are dozens, probably hundreds, of Squid Game Fanart models available on the internet. Regardless of your budget, plenty can be downloaded and 3d printed on your FDM or Resin 3D printers. The Squid craze may have calmed down. However, winter holidays and a sequel are coming. So how many are you going to print for yourself, friends, family and/or customers?

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