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Big Geetech Project- Part One

*****UPDATE- THIS PROJECT WONT BE GOING AHEAD ANYMORE!!***** Making one of the biggest models ever done to date. Namely called a Diorama, scene made up of some of our favourite characters from Marvel universe made and supplied by sanix. Walls and flooring printed with Geetech white Pla Filament. Under the hood! Creality Ender 3. E3d Titan Aero.

Tiamet3D Ultra Nano Diamond Filament Review

Now for something completely different. There is a Dutch 3D filament company called Tiamet3D, that has partnered with Carbodeon, a Finnish nano-diamond manufacturer, that made a new product. It’s a PLA filament mixed with industrial nano-diamonds that Tiamet3D is calling ULTRA. They’ve sent out just forty 300g sample reels to some of the social influences in the community.  I happen to