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Buying a used 3D printer

You’ve been scouring the web looking at all these amazing prints achieved by 3D printing. You’ve looked up the hundreds of 3D printers available to buy, but money is tight…why not go for buying a used 3D printer!? Sure, you can go and buy brand new for under £200. What if you want something that

Extrusion Width & Layer Height: Why Girth & Thickness Matter!

Extrusion Width and Your Girth What is printer resolution? Extrusion Width and Layer Height = Resolution. If you want higher resolution,  then you would use smaller values. If you want lower resolution,  then you would use higher values.  These settings will not fix extrusion problems.  These settings will only affect the quality of your final print.

OpenRC F1 Car Project

Having printed the bog standard prints, you know the ones when you first get a 3D printer…Benchy, Leveling wheels, temp towers etc.  I wanted something more challenging to print. Something that gives you the wow factor. I decided to print the OpenRC F1 car project! Being part of Inov3D, I wanted to print the Open

Wyze Cam Pan, 360 Degrees Of Awesomeness For 30$

In this article, I will be reviewing the Wyze Cam Pan leaving with some pro’s and cons before you consider purchasing.   Wyze Cam Pan The Wyze Cam Pan $29.99 on Wyze Site Click here to view. Pretty impressive camera packed with features. The Wyze Cam pan allowed me to have multiple printers printing and i am able