The Deformable 3D Belt Printer from Infinity3D 45 And 90 Degree

Infinity3D: Deformable is a 3D Belt Printer that comes in a Unique design. You can adjust the printer at either a 45-degree angle or on a 90-degree angle. It will perform equally well. What are the key features of this printer? Let’s find out.

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Main Specifications of Infinity3D: Deformable 3D Belt Printer

Modes of Operation

One of the most fascinating features of this printer is that it has variable printing modes. To be specific, there is a 90-degree and a 45-degree printing mode. In the 90-degree mode, you get to unleash your creativity on the vertical axis. Therefore, you can print designs that are taller and have more vertical depth. However, in case you want to add more detail on the horizontal axes, then the 45-degree mode will help you in finalizing your designs. You get 250x220x323 mm build volume in the 90-degree mode. Whereas, in the 45-degree mode, you get a build volume of 250x215xinfinity mm of build volume.

The Conveyor Belt

Like other Belt 3D printers, this one also offers a virtually unlimited conveyor belt. Because of the high-strength fiber conveyor belt, it is easy for you to enable batch production from the printer. Furthermore, because of the material of the belt, it is very easy to peel the finish prints from the belt. Although the company is claiming that this is a virtually infinite belt however, it needs to be understood that virtual infinity means that there is the freedom to print multiple products one after the other. The stability of the conveyor belt is also an added feature that enables the prints to be of higher quality.

Touch Screen Print Control

Another promising feature of the Infinity3D: Deformable 3D Belt Printer is the 3.5-inch LCD screen. You can play around with the options, check the print status and other settings of the print from this LCD.

Print Resume Function

Like all other contemporary printers, the infinity printer also has a print resume function. The filament detector sensors sense for any breaking or running out of the filament. In case the print function is stopped due to any reason, you can continue from where you left off.

Driver Motors

The printer has TMC2209 motor drivers that provide an extremely quiet printing experience. In combination with the linear guide rain, the overall printing function becomes much smoother.


The slicing function for the Infinity3D: Deformable 3D Belt Printer is made easy. With the Cura high-speed slicing engine, there is a provision of setting the continuous printing typesetting. Due to this, it becomes extremely easy for one to operate the print. Due to this feature of the printer, it becomes a very likely choice of beginners in the future.

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Infinity3DPrice of the 3D printer

This is one of the latest printers that is about to hit the market soon. As such, there is a Kickstarter campaign from the makers of these printers to ask for your support. Therefore, you can check out their campaign to see the latest offerings the developer team has to make.

One important thing to note about the printer is that the Kickstarter campaign is limited to November 11, 2021. In case the campaign goal is not reached, then the project will not be funded. To be honest, it seems to be an interesting printer. A little different from the conventional 3D printers, however, there are quite a lot of features in this printer that are also available on other contemporary 3D printers.

If you want to follow this campaign, then you can get amazing discounts from the company. Check out the kickstarter website.


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