The Top Download 3D Models On Thingiverse in 2022

From maker-inspired 3D files all the way up to professional high-quality 3D designs, Thingiverse offers a perfect range of 3D models for its users to choose from. Listed below are some of Top Download 3D Models On Thingiverse in 2022.

The Top Download 3D Models In 2022 #1 Watch Stand “The Knight”

Here is an easy to print chess knight themed watch stand. It will work with many types of watches. The watch stands are self-standing.

Designed By: sledgehammer46Download Count: 30998Date: February 26, 20223D Model: Link

The Top Download 3D Models In 2022 #2 Chain mail Necktie

To print a full tie, you will need to print the upper, middle, and lower sections. After you print the sections, you will need to print ten links (five between each section) and carefully weave the sections together. Tjwatson created a plain knot and a deco knot that you can attach to the front of the coupler here – please note that these knots require supports.

Designed By: HalB9000Download Count: 1531Date: February 21, 20223D Model: Link

The Top Download 3D Models In 2022 #3 Marvin Key Chain

I want to introduce you to Marvin, a symbol of the 3D-printing movement. A fundamental part of Marvin’s ethos is community, creativity, social change, and problem solving. The idea behind his project is to revolutionize how we make things through 3D Printing.

Designed By: HubsMFGDownload Count: 6691Date: December 30, 20133D Model: Link

The Top Download 3D Models In 2022 #4 Self-Watering Planter

 There is nothing like a self-watering planter to give your plants exactly what they need, while giving you flexibility in your watering regime. The planter is super easy to use: simply plant your favorite herb or other water-intensive plant, add water, and you’re good to go.

A Self-Watering Planter has been developed that is 3D printed, easy to set up, use and clean; while at the same time allowing for customization through mixing and matching different colors for this pot and reservoir. For more information about how to get the most out of this Self-Watering Planter, make sure you check out the Instructions tab.

Self-Watering Planter

Designed By: parallelgoodsDownload Count: 46171Date: July 02, 20153D Model: Link


The Top Download 3D Models In 2022 #5 The T-Rex Skull

With the MakerBot Academy T-Rex Skull, a lesson plan will be provided explaining characteristics of one of the most studied dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Students will be able to understand what can be learned from fossils through the use of this 3D printable model and in doing so, they will be able to recognize the difference between scientific facts and theories.

Designed By: MakerBotDownload Count: 26275Date: May 06, 20143D Model: Link

The Top Download 3D Models #6 XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube

Designed for a 3D printer, this calibration cube is a simple object with the axes X, Y, & Z written on it. For further calibration of your 3D printer, at this point you can print out one model and then you can compare the dimensions of the printed model with the desired dimensions. Once you have completed this process, you are able, if your 3D printer allows it, to adjust your Steps per mm in your printer’s firmware.

Designed By: iDig3DprintingDownload Count: 1454Date:January 19, 20163D Model: Link

The Top Download 3D Models #7 Baby Yoda

This cute little baby Yoda is just in time for Christmas! Sculpted in ZBrush, since this little guy is just too adorable not to. So you can print him up for all your friends who are also fascinated by him.

Designed By: MarVinMiniaturesDownload Count: 28389Date: December 11, 20193D Model: Link

The Top Download 3D Models #8 Raspberry Pi Case

This Raspberry Pi case inspired by the designer’s old Raspberry Pi Model B case. Like his other designs, this new Pi case features:

  • Access slot for Pi camera
  • Screw together design
  • Screw mounting of Raspberry Pi to case using holes in PCB
  • Built in 75mm VESA mounting tabs
  • Rotary engine (reuleaux triangle) vent design
  • High resolution STL mesh
Designed By: 0110-M-PDownload Count: 23784Date: July 13, 20153D Model: Link
The Top Download 3D Models #9 Hairy Lion

We are dealing with a Hairy Lion here. From its name alone, it is obvious that it is a lion with hair. Here is a remix of Geoffro’s design Lion HD that does not require any support at all. They attach the hair to a sacrificial wall, which is then removed afterwards.

The Top Download 3D Models

Designed By:primozDownload Count: 10904Date: December 31, 20163D Model: Link

The Top Download 3D Models #10 Skull Pencil Holder

The search is on for an outstanding pen holder that looks exceptional on a desk. Nevertheless, you might want to give it a download, since it is one of the most downloaded 3D models on Thingiverse.

The Top Download 3D Models

Designed By: philnelsonDownload Count: 35791Date: March 03, 20163D Model: Link

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