TTek 3D 3D Printer Filament Review – Tangy!

TTek 3D is a fairly unfamiliar name to the 3D Printing industry. They are providers of 3D Printers, spare parts, filament and tools, accessories and also a 3D Print service, if you need artillery sidewinder x1 spare parts these guys are the people to go to. They sent me one of their Tangy Orange PLA 3D printer filaments for review, so please read on to find out more about TTek 3D filament tangy orange.

ttek3d logo

TTek 3D Tangy Orange Filament Specifications

  • Material –  PLA filament
  • Diameter – 1.75mm + or – 0.06mm
  • Filament Weight – 1 Kg Gross
  • Print Temperature – 180 – 220°C
  • Bed temperature – 40-50°C or unheated
  • Elmers Purple Glue stick to aid in adhesion

TTek3D Filament Packaging

I have noticed recently that a few manufacturers of filament are using cardboard spools. This is to help reduce cost and the impact to the environment! TTek 3D use cardboard spools for their filament, which is great! It’s the same spool used on 3DQF filament. The only downside to these types of spools is damage during transit! However, TTek3D have come up with a solution, which is a 3D printed rim to help protect the edge of the spool from damage. As a result, for those using bearing spools holders, you shouldn’t have any issues. TTek3D have published the file, which will cost you 75p. You can get it here. If buying filament from TTek3D, you will get a printed spool protector with your purchase. In addition, the spool protectors can be re-used with your next spool! They sent me the original file so printed them for myself.

As you can see from the pictures, the Orange Pla filament comes wrapped in paper and then packaged in a cardboard box. Not the strongest box! If the box was a tighter fit for the spool and a lot sturdier, this would cause less damage during transit as it wouldn’t be able to move around as much. It comes with a label which has the details of the filament and the company details. The filament is vacuum packed along with a small desiccant sachet. The spool they make it from corrugated cardboard and has laser cuts for the TTek3D logo and cut outs to insert filament to avoid tangling when not in use. Nice!

Let’s Print 3D Models!

My first print using the TTek 3D filament tangy orange is a PolyPearl Tower Torture test, which can be downloaded from the Creality website. I printed with 0.1 layer height, 15% infill and at temps 215 and 60. I printed this on my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus.

Model Link

This turned out pretty well! The picture above is with no post processing – straight off the Ziflex build plate I have installed. I also downloaded the Creality Hitman 3D model as I thought it looked cool. That also turned out really well! (apart from where I had missed supports)

Model Link

Let’s Go BIG! Meet Talos 3D Model

I’ve done some small prints…now it’s time for something a lot bigger and in multiple parts! Therefore, please meet Talos! This has been designed by Creative Geek and what a model this is! Approx over 30 hours of printing on my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus using 15% infill, 215 hotend and 60 on the bed. 4 top and bottom layer with 2 perimeters. I mostly used auto supports in S3D, however, placed manual supports when noticed the model needed it. However, I missed some!

Talos complete 2

Talos complete orange pla

Where to buy

TTek3D 3D Printer filament is available to buy directly from their website. Priced at a reasonable £18.99 for 1KG. This is good! A wide range of colours are also available to choose from, so a colour which should match your desired print! Be sure to also check out their Facebook page and give them a like. In addition to this, the spool protector file is also available for just 75p.

Conclusion On TTek3D Filament Review

The TTek3D filament is easy to print. There is nothing complicated about. Just feed in your filament and start printing! This Orange Pla colour is vibrant, just like you would get with a real orange! It is strong, and it adheres well to itself whilst printing. In addition, at its price bracket of just £18.99 for 1KG, this is one of the cheapest filaments out there considering the current climate! I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again and it would be good to try the different colours out to see if they are as good, if not better!

I hope you enjoyed the TTek3D review. Why not check out Duet 2 Maestro a 32BIT Symphony in a 16BIT Orchestra—but can they Carry a tune? Or how about Sovol SO1—The 3D Printing Pen Plotter Review


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