Two Trees Yellow PLA Filament Review

Two Trees Yellow PLA Filament is one of several colors currently available. Additional material types are available directly on Two Tree’s website. Founded in 2017, Two Trees began as a 3d printer accessories producer.

Currently, they produce FDM 3D printers, filaments, resin, as well as self-developed laser engraving machines and related accessories. Inov3D and Bob Modrow are currently reviewing a TT5-SS 5.5 W Diode Laser Engraver. Bookmark or allow notification to stay informed about this new machine as well as other interesting articles.

A roll of Yellow PLA was provided without any obligations or review requirements. As usual at, this is a fair and honest look at a product, personal comments and real life printed samples. Leave a comment or question below as desired.

Two Trees Filament Packaging

A spool of Yellow PLA arrived in a colorful custom package. The box is clearly labeled with the size, tolerance, color and material type. Inside the box is a strongly vacuum sealed spool with a typical desiccant package. Prior to opening the seal, the PLA is neatly and tightly wound around the spool. Basically the Two Trees filament is shipped how you expect all modern FDM spools to be packaged and manufactured. Keep reading to see if the Yellow PLA performs as good as it looks.

Two Trees PLA Filament 3D Models

Testing of the Two Trees PLA was done on a newly assembled Ender 3 Pro FDM printer that is 100% stock without any calibrations. As you can see, the first picture minor tweaking of the leveling/tramming wheels still needed minor adjustments. A few test prints were printed to check the overall quality. My custom test shape and the engine torture test were printed. Although the engine printed nicely, the Ender 3 Pro machine and my print profile will require additional tweaking to prevent crankshaft breakage.

Below are some projects printed using the Yellow PLA filament from Two Trees. The items printed with great bed adhesion, smooth outer walls, proper layer adhesion and strength all with a consistent vibrant yellow hue.


Two Trees Filament Miscellaneous And Incomplete Prints

Below are additional prints I made using Two Trees filament. Pacman and Tweety Bird were free and downloaded via Thingiverse. The glamorous version of Frankenstein’s bride was created by FragMintz. I have not had a chance to finish that project yet. She was scaled down to 1:10 / 180mm and still retains many details. Two Trees Yellow PLA once again provided smooth outer walls and great details at 0.08 layer height.

Pacman 3D Model

Thingiverse # 866452

Tweety Bird 3D Model

Thingiverse # 4484278

Showgirl and Goon 3D Model

Limited Group Commission – from Fragmintz Studios on Facebook


Saint Seiya Taurus 3D Model

Artist: STL Project – CGTrader Link

Figure: Released at 1:10 180mm 7in Scale – This was a Test Print prior to public release – Figure should be available soon

Cuts: The key figure is cut into six pieces – Legs, Chest, Head, Cape and two shoulder armors.

Comments: The package includes two small bases, a large base and a chest without cape option. Additional cuts of the bases were created to accommodate smaller printers. Printing this figure using Two Trees Yellow PLA was successful. Photographing yellow plastic does not always show all of the details. I continued to experiment with my amateur hand painting using cheap craft acrylic paints, brushes, and supplies. NOTE: PLA should be primed prior to painting regardless of paint type.

Here are some of my amateur painting images.

Two Trees PLA Taurus 11

Custom Color Scheme

Cura Slicer Profile

Typically I use recent versions of Cura software (download link) for slicing. When creating a profile to share or for testing a new machine, it is usually easiest to start with an Ender 3 profile. Then the machine’s name, print volume and retraction settings can be tweaked. Beyond tweaking retractions for bowden vs. direct drive machines, I have developed my own preferred settings over the last three years and 20+ FDM machines.

Typically I only change a handful of settings regardless of which machine or PLA/PLA+ I am using. These include layer height, wall thickness, Z seam alignment, top/bottom thickness, infill type & density, material temperature, print speeds, preferred support settings, and brim/raft tweaks.  Below is a link to a recent revision of my Cura profile.  Since I am constantly printing and experimenting, I am always changing and updating my settings. Don’t be afraid to try some of you own tweaks. Visit INOV3D’s shared slicer profiles.

Two Trees PLA Filament Conclusion

There is an abundance of 3D Printer filaments available as of 2022. Material properties, spool quality and print-ability varies between brands and within a wide price range. Two Tree’s Yellow PLA is neatly packaged with a tightly wound spool. The yellow color is properly opaque and consistent. First and subsequent layer adhesion is strong. Printed details were crisp while curved surfaces were smooth. Additional tuning my Ender 3 Pro and material profile should provide even better results. If you can find Two Tree’s filament in stock and within your budget, give it a try. Hopefully, you will enjoy the results as well.


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