Wainlux K6 Laser Engraver on Kickstarter

The Wainlux K6 Laser Engraver is one of the newest compact laser engravers which has been launched on Kickstarter. It has been creating quite a stir, and it has plenty of backers, let’s have a closer look at it. The Wainlux K6 is a perfect tiny laser engraver which you can pick up and take with you wherever you go, with or without a laptop. It can be controlled via your smartphone (android or ios). The list of materials that it can engrave on is impressive just to look at this list of materials which the K6 can etch on.

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How Does The Wainlux K6 Work

The Wainlux K6 supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP files and using the simple to use Wainlux app on your smartphone. You can resize, edit and do the usual manipulations before sending it to the machine via wifi to engrave your chosen item. The Wainlux K6 projects a preview of your image on the surface, and it displays the planned trajectory of the engraving.

This makes it super easy to see what your finished project will look like. Users can adjust the size, position, and rotation angle of the laser and once it’s lined up to your object, just press START to begin creating! The Wainlux K6 Laser Engraver has an impressive 3000mW laser fitted which makes it 3x faster and more powerful than any other portable engraver. It makes engraving on harder surfaces a lot easier and it’s a lot faster to engrave on softer surfaces than the competition.

Laser Engraver Safety

The one thing that springs to my mind when I see this laser appliance is how safe is it going to be. The Wainlux K6 Engraver has several built in safety systems as you would expect for a machine of this sort and they include:

  • Laser Shield: Built-in protective lenses mean you don’t have to wear safety glasses or attach independent shields. Wainlux say that they wanted to create something that you can set up quickly without giving up on safety.
  •  Motion Detection: Using a sensitive 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection, it will notice an accidental movement during operating and Wainlux will shut down immediately.
  • Overheating Monitoring: The Wainlux K6 has enough heat dissipation. If the inner temperature approaches its heat threshold, the Wainlux turns itself off for user and device safety.

Two questions I have:

  • is it stable?
  • is there enough shielding to stop any of the laser bouncing out and blinding me?

Wainlux K6 Laser EngraverOther Wainlux K6 Features

The Wainlux works for up to 8 hours continuously without overheating while maintaining strict safety standards. Because of the additional heat sinks and the built-in exhaust fan which stops any smoke from the engraving process from affecting the final design. This helps to protect the lens of the laser and helps to dissipate heat, which makes the Wainlux K6 a safe engraver to use.

By including a ONE-Click Button for offline engraving, Wainlux have made it easier for you to set your Wainlux to engrave without a constant connection. This means that the last design engraved can be continuously engraved with no connection to your phone or laptop. This is ideal if you will be engraving a batch of items with the same design. Things like wedding favours or mementos for special occasions and other such items are a breeze to produce.

Wainlux K6 Laser Engraver Specifications

The Wainlux K6 Specifications are:

App Connection: Wifi networkApp OS: iOS 10+; Android 4.4+Computer OS: Mac OS 10.13.+; Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP
Weight: 0.9 KgLifetime Estimation 10000 hoursResolution: 508 dpi adjustable
Engraving area: 8cm*8cm or 3.14 inch *3.14 inchLaser Output: 100 level adjustable max 3000 mWMaterials: ABS + Aluminum alloy
Laser Source: OSRAM semiconductor blue color laserRouting Speed: 1500 mm/min maximumSupported File Format: JPEG/ JPG/ PNG/ BMP
Power Input : AC 110-220V, 47-63Hz

Wainlux K6 Laser Engraver Conclusion

The Wainlux K6 is an upgraded version of the earlier Wainlux K4 which came out in 2018. The K4  boasted some of the same functions and had hundreds of rave reviews. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the K6 are received. By those who have already been able to get on board the Kickstarter campaign and secure their K6’s. I’m certain that there will be plenty of feedback and reviews from the new owners. If it hadn’t been for the current lockdown and me not being able to work, then I would have been one of them!!

The Wainlux K6 is a perfect entry level laser engraver for the hobbyist. It’s also perfect for those who are in business and need something that is compact and can work for the entire workday. At the time of writing there are still a few opportunities to get in on the deals on Kickstarter. The campaign ends shortly, so you had best be quick before the opportunity is gone. Why not get over to Kickstarter, there are still opportunities to get this fantastic piece of kit at a bargain price before it ends!

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  1. My Wainlux K6 arrived a couple of days ago via Kickstarter. The software that came with it simply doesn’t work, so I can’t comment onn how good the machine is yet. I’ve contacted Wainlux about this – no reply as yet.

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