WEEDO X40 3D Printer IDEX Kickstarter

WEEDO X40 is an independent dual extruder (IDEX) 3D printer that has made its way to the Kickstarter campaign. The printer has a lot of promising features that will greatly impact the market for 3D printers.

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Key Features of WEEDO X40 3D Printer

Independent Dual Extruder

WEEDO X40 3D Printer has an amazing feature of dual extruders (IDEX) to offer. The IDEX print heads allow for fast printing two colors and even with different materials. Therefore, you can unleash your creativity and combine different materials and colors to make a unique design. Furthermore, you can create more complex and colorful prints with the printer.


The printer comes with a camera module. This module helps you to monitor your printer and printing function remotely. You can even control your printing functions remotely using LAN and slicer software like CURA and Wiibuilder. This makes the printing as extremely robust and on the go feature.

Power Up Tests

The initializing startup test of the WEEDO X40 3D Printer runs a full check up on the 3d printer on startup. This test includes extruder heating, platform heating, and axis operation. Thus, the printer is well aware that the functions are working properly or not. This helps in setting the pace and other parameters of the project.

WEEDO X40 diagnostics dual 3d printer

Power Failure/Print Resume Function

Like other printers of contemporary times, this printer also offers power failure protection and print resume function. If you run out of filament or experience a power breakdown during the print operation, then you can continue from where you had left the job. This allows you to be in relief even when you are not around while printing is in operation.

Social Media and Platform Integration

One of the most interesting features of WEEDO X40 3D Printer is its integration with social media platforms. This means that you can get updates on your print operation on your social media platforms. Meaning that once the print is complete or if there is any issue, you can get alerted through a social media option.

X40 social integration

Automatic Levelling

The first layer is the most important. Therefore, WEEDO X40 3D Printer (IDEX) offers automatic bed levelling. Once the bed is levelled properly, you will have a generally better print experience for the rest of the operation.  Furthermore, the IDEX operation also requires special modes of support like that of copy and mirror mode. This ensures that the advanced bed levelling feature of the printer is a thing to be taken note of.

Color Preview Option available

Another amazing thing that the printer brings to the market is that the Slicer displays the actual print in colored mode. Therefore, you can keep a view of the actual print operations by the slicer. Moreover, this feature also plays an important role with dual extruders. This is because with the dual extruder multi-colored printing, having an actual idea of each layer and the color through the slicer really enhances the control that you can have over the final build.

Kickstarter Campaign

The WEEDO X40 3D Printer is up on a Kickstarter campaign right now. And just for the sake of information, a total of USD 90,722 has been pledged in comparison to the goal of USD 10,072. This goes to show the popularity of this printer and its successful campaign.

We at Inov3D believe that this is one of the most promising printers making it to the market in recent years. Therefore, all those enthusiasts out there need to invest in this amazing printer.

Moreover, the printer is on offer at a 40% discount of USD 399. However, you can check the website of WEEDO X40 3D Printer to check for the latest price at which the printer is on offer.

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