Wyze Cam; Cheap and easy way to watch your prints.

In this article, I will be reviewing the Wyze Cam v2 leaving with some pro’s and cons before you consider purchasing.


Wyze Cam 

Wyze Cam V2

The Wyze Cam $25.98 on Amazon.com Click here to view Pretty cheap I thought. So I bought it and figured if I didn’t like it, I only wasted $26 US. Just around the same price as a very good roll of filament.

When I came home I followed the included directions that came with the Wyze Cam, and within 3 minutes I was up and running.

Wyze Cam, Not just another Octopi:

When I was using Octopi I found that my data usage was going through the roof. My wife and children were complaining that our internet was becoming slow. I didn’t need all of the functions. I was forced to stop using the cameras.  So my search for more user-friendly and cheaper camera options started. That’s when I found the Wyze Cam.


Rear Of Wyze Cam V2

The Wyze Cam Down And Dirty:

Right away I noticed that The camera was packaged very well. Once I opened the box. The Wyze Cam is very lightweight. Comes with a round metal pad and double stick tape. So you could pretty much mount the camera anywhere.  The base swivels and is telescopic. Wyze does not include a memory card though.  Which I didn’t like.  You will need a memory card to do time lapse, onboard video storage, but the motion tracking on the camera works without the memory card. All the Wyze cam’s records sound.

Which can be disabled and is capable of 2-way talk.  The Camera is powered by USB and comes with a 2 amp power supply. Has an 8 x Digital Zoom and is IFTT and Alexa enabled.

The Google guys shouldn’t feel left out though.  Wyze has stated that Google implementation is right around the corner.  If you’re like me and short power outlets. The camera can daisy chain up to 4 cameras together. There is an extra USB on the back of the just for this.


Wyze Cam V2
Night Vision:

The night vision on the V2 is not a true night vision system.  The V2 does use 4 LED’s to send out up to 29′ of light. I was surprised at how well the Wyze Cam lit up my prints at night. You have 2 options SD  720 and HD 1080.


For 25.98 US Click here to View the V2 is perfect for monitoring a printer.  It is super easy to set up and get running.  The V2 has more features than most of your network security cameras on the market.  The Picture quality on the Wyze Cam is as good or better than any webcam that I have used.

I love the feature where I can Zoom the V2 into the print. Live streaming the Wyze Cam over LTE was perfect in both SD and HD live streams. And with 14-day free cloud storage its dang near better than the Nest cameras. I only have one con for this camera! Doesn’t come with a Memory card.


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