YELANG Hello X3: Make any screen drawable

Have you ever imagined that the YELANG Hello X3 can turn any surface into a drawable screen. Yes, you got that right the first time. Let’s find out what are the amazing features of this amazing tool. You won’t need a costly touch screen any more for your 3d model designs.


YELANG team is an intelligent interactive technology company that was established in 2017. It is committed to the research and application of a new generation of human interaction technology and has successively got multiple first-line investment institutions. As of 2021, YELANG has won the honorary title of National High-tech Enterprise and has dozens of intellectual property rights, over ten invention patents, and has released several high-tech products. It is a member of the Virtual Reality Alliance and a member of the Software Association.

Features of the YELANG Hello X3

This portable and smart device can convert any monitor into an interactive device. It means that you can have your screen become a touch screen within a jiffy.

Size – 81*62*130mmStandby Time – 120 daysBattery Capacity – 280mAh
Weight – 51gCharging Time – 30 minutesWritting Angle – 40/45 degrees
Port – Micro USBWorking Time – 4 hoursTouch Accuracy – 2mm

Increased Accuracy

The latest design of the YELANG Hello X3 allows you an increased precision of 50%. Furthermore, the accuracy has also increased from  3mm to 2mm. 

Improved Speed

They have increased the data processor of the Hello X3 from 60 fps to 120 fps. This means that the X3 is twice as fast as the Hello X2.


Gone are the days when you had to calibrate the screen by using the complicated and troublesome debugging steps. Now you can easily calibrate the screen by just selecting a few points on the screen.

Mounting Flexibility

The YELANG Hello X3 is easy to mount on monitors of varying sizes. Currently, the device can fit onto screens of sizes from 10″ to 27″. It means that a wide range of conventional monitors and screens can turn into smart and interactive screens. 

Charging time and Compatibility

The YELANG Hello X3 has a battery time of 4 hours. This means that you can use it on most of the flights and other such short-haul business escapades. Furthermore, if you have run out of charging then you shouldn’t worry at all. This is because the X3 can be charged to full capacity within 30 minutes. Another amazing feature of the X3 is its compatibility with different types of Operating Systems. Therefore, you can connect with Windows and Mac operating systems. 

Information Security

The YELANG Hello X3 fully protects your information. Therefore, you should not have the fear of losing any information while using the X3. 

What’s In The Box

Perks And Add- On


YELANG Hello X3 Kickstarter Campaign

Since the X3 is such an amazing product we at Inov3d believe you might pledge to the cause and sharing the amazing idea with the world. Along with the Yelang Hello X3, you will get a manual, USB cable, X-sensor, X-board, X-holder, etc. This means that you will have all the right ingredients to work right away after receipt of the unit. Furthermore, you can also check out the additional give-aways that the company is offering through its Kickstarter Page.

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