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Artillery3D, a leading player in the 3D printer market, has once again proved its prowess with the launch of the Sidewinder X3 Plus. The innovative features of the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D printer has taken the industry by storm, making it stand out from the crowd of upgraded versions.

With an array of exciting features, the Sidewinder X3 Plus caters to both professionals and beginners, making it a game-changer in the world of 3D printing. Additionally, it boasts impressive speed and accuracy, allowing for efficient and precise printing.

Whether you’re looking to create intricate designs or practical prototypes, the Sidewinder X3 Plus is sure to exceed your expectations and enhance your 3D printing experience.

During the review of X3 Plus Artillery, the company released a new version called X4 Pro. If you’re interested in learning more about this newer version, we’ve included a snippet video for you to check out on the side.

As 3D printing continues to evolve, it's no surprise that the prices of filaments will also continue to fluctuate daily. But don't let this discourage you from pursuing your passion for 3D modelling! You have the power to create incredible designs and bring your ideas to life. In fact, we've provided access to some awesome 3D models for you to explore through the links provided. We encourage you to download them now and let your imagination run wild. Remember, the only limit is your creativity, so keep pushing boundaries and keep innovating. Happy printing!

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Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D Printer

Importance of Knowing Your 3D Printer Specifications

Understanding the specifications of your 3D printer is crucial as it directly influences what you can create and how effectively you can work. Knowing the build volume, for instance, determines the size of the 3D models you can print. The printer’s resolution capabilities affect the level of detail in your prints, which is particularly important for intricate designs. Temperature ranges are also vital as they dictate the variety of materials you can use, from basic plastics like PLA to more advanced composites. Additionally, features such as the type of bed leveling, the speed of printing, and connectivity options can greatly impact your workflow and efficiency. By having a clear grasp of your 3D printer’s specifications, you can make informed decisions on the suitability of the 3D printer for your projects, streamline your printing process, and ensure the best possible results.

General 3D Printer Specifications Explained

When discussing general 3D printer specifications, several key terms and concepts commonly arise. ‘Build volume’ refers to the maximum size of the 3D Model that can be printed, often measured in cubic inches or millimeters. ‘Layer resolution’ is the measure of the printer’s ability to create thin layers, with lower numbers indicating higher resolution and finer detail. ‘Print speed’ can affect the time it takes to complete a print and may influence the finish quality. ‘Extruder type’ is important as it determines how the printer feeds filament into the nozzle; direct drive and Bowden are two common types. ‘Filament diameter’ is a specification that must match your 3D printer’s capabilities, with 1.75mm and 2.85mm being standard sizes. Finally, ‘Connectivity’ options like USB, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet determine how you can send files to your 3D printer. Understanding these specifications will help you better assess a printer’s potential performance and compatibility with your projects.

Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D Printer

Detailed Analysis of Sidewinder X3 Plus Features

Let’s delve into the exciting and innovative features that the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D printer has to offer in the upcoming paragraphs. This incredible machine is a true game changer in the world of 3D printing and will surely impress even the most seasoned professionals. With its advanced technology and unparalleled precision, you can create stunning 3D prints that are truly mesmerizing. From intricate designs to functional prototypes, the possibilities are simply endless. Get ready to be amazed by the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus and all that it can do!

Build Volume

Imagine the possibilities with a printing area of 300 x 300 x 400 mm! The Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus grants you the freedom to create larger-than-life projects, intricate figurines, or functional prototypes with ease. You will no longer be confined due to small print beds or cramping for build volume space. So, you can let your imagination run wild with this expansive canvas of 3D printing.

Speed With Quality

While 3D printers are gaining speed day by day, the Sidewinder X3 Plus offers a blistering print speed of 300 mm/s. Furthermore, it offers an acceleration of 3,000 mm/s². You might be thinking that with speed, the quality will likely take a hit. However, despite high speed, the Sidewinder X3 Plus doesn’t compromise on quality. Artillery3D has meticulously engineered the 3D printer to deliver exceptional precision and layer fidelity, ensuring your 3D prints are not just fast, but stunningly detailed.

Automatic Cleaning Nozzle

Furthermore, Artillery’s dedication to providing effortless upkeep and superior 3D printing results is exemplified by the incorporation of an automated nozzle cleaning feature, complete with a nozzle wiping mechanism located at the back corner of the Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D printer.

Aesthetically Appealing No Unsettled wires

The integrated FFC cable design of the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus makes the appearance neat and clean.  You do not have to worry about the mess of the cables as there will be none. This not only makes the 3D printing itself hassle-free but also clears your mind from the clutter that other 3D printers often display.

User Friendly Interface Touch Screen

Navigating the Sidewinder X3 Plus is a breeze. The HMI is an intuitive 4.3-inch color touchscreen. The interface is designed with both beginners and seasoned users in mind, offering clear menus, helpful guides, and on-screen monitoring capabilities. This ensures that you enjoy working with the printer regardless of your expertise level in 3D printing technology.

LED Lighting

Printing is easier with the Sidewinder X3 Plus because of its LED light bar, which provides ample illumination for a well-lit workspace and easy monitoring of 3D prints. This feature should be standard in all 3D printers to make 3D printing stress-free and easy.

Automatic Bed Leveling

This 3D printer utilizes a 49-point bed levelling system to ensure flawless adhesion and accurate outcomes, regardless of design placement.

Bed Adhesion

The Sidewinder X3 Plus has a dual-sided PEI bed, allowing for versatile and easy 3D printing from either side. Locator points on the base make build plate fitting consistent and efficient, saving time and effort for serious 3D printing enthusiasts.

Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D Printer


The assembly of the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D printer, was straightforward thanks to the detailed instructions and assembly video provided by Artillery. The setup process was streamlined and the toolkit was excellent. With just a handful of eight precision bolts, the task of attaching the four uprights, two for the filament sensor and filament spool holder, and two for the screen bracket, is an absolute cinch. Within in a couple of minutes, we guarantee that the robust framework shall be solidly in place.

Followed by connecting the stepper motor cables, the light bar cable, and the filament sensor cable, you will barely need to devote any effort to get everything seamlessly and effortlessly in order. As the final, and arguably, the easiest step, plug in the detachable 4.3-inch touch screen UI. And voila, with no more than approximately 10 minutes, the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D printer is BORN!

Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D Printer

Slicing Software Cura

While testing the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus, we used a custom version of Cura slicer provided on a USB drive. The software’s pre-configured settings made printing easy for beginners, but advanced users could still customize their 3D prints.

I intentionally took a hands-off approach and refrained from making any adjustments whatsoever to the slicer settings. This deliberate choice allowed me to evaluate the printer’s performance from an entirely unbiased perspective, without any preconceived notions or customized settings skewing my perception. What I found was that the default settings provided satisfactory results for basic printing needs, however, some necessary adjustments may be required for more intricate designs or specific materials. By adhering to this approach, I was able to provide a comprehensive and balanced assessment of the printer’s capabilities without any interfering factors.

The Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus provided accurate 3D prints straight out of the box, showcasing its impressive capabilities with minimal issues. This is crucial for users seeking quick setup. By using default settings, I evaluated its performance with no modifications.

Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D Printer

Featured 3D Prints

During the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus review process, we used a variety of 3D models sourced from both Thingiverse and STL Flix to ensure accuracy and quality. Access to the download links for these incredible models is available so that you may independently 3D print and experience them first hand.

Each of the 3D models we printed were created using Yousu filament, with Rainbow PLA, Black and Gold PLA, Black and Silver PLA, Glow in the Dark Blue PLA, standard White PLA, and my favourite the Blue to Purple colour shift PLA filament colours being utilized. While the results were overall fantastic, minor defects such as a layer shift on the collapsible sword and dragon door knocker were noted. I would like to note that, despite having not calibrated our Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus, the results were exceptionally satisfactory.

Collapsable Sword

Dragon Door Knocker

See No Evil / Hear No Evil / Speak No Evil

Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D Printer


Hey there superstar! We'd love to see your amazing work with this product on social media! Why not use the super cool hashtag #inov3D or tag us with @Inov3D so we can all gush over your amazing creations! Can't wait to see what you come up with 🙂

Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus 3D Printer

Where To Buy

7.8Expert Score

When comparing the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus to its competitors, several factors can influence the decision-making process. The X3 Plus's user centric design, which includes a straightforward touchscreen interface and rapid heating capabilities, caters to those who value ease of use and time efficiency. Its robust construction and stability are matched by few in its class, contributing to its impressive print quality and reliability over time. While some competing models may offer similar resolutions or build volumes, the X3 Plus often comes out ahead with its additional features like silent printing and filament runout detection. These added conveniences can make a significant difference in day-to-day printing operations. For users deciding between the Sidewinder X3 Plus and other 3D printers, it's the combination of high-quality output, feature-rich design, and user friendly functionality that makes the X3 Plus a compelling choice in a crowded market.

Material Useability
Machine Quality
Print Quality
  • Elegant Design
  • Reliable
  • Bed Screws Awkward To Get To

The Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus should be considered when you’re looking for a reliable 3D printer that balances functionality, ease of use, and quality output. It’s an ideal choice for makers, hobbyists, and even small businesses that require a larger build volume for big projects or batch printing. If you’re planning to work with a variety of materials, the direct drive extruder makes the X3 Plus suitable for handling everything from basic PLA to more challenging flexible filaments.

The printer’s advanced features like filament runout detection and power recovery also make it a smart investment for those who seek uninterrupted printing sessions and minimized waste. Additionally, if the noise level is a concern, the silent stepper drivers will ensure a quieter working environment. Whether you’re upgrading from a smaller printer or starting fresh, the Sidewinder X3 Plus is worth considering for its comprehensive features and competitive edge.

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