Enotepad Marble And Carbon Fiber Filament Review

Enotepad is popular for their 3D Printers, Fila Dryer S1, 3D Pens, LCD Writing Tablet and of course 3D Printer Filament. Enotepad Carbon Fiber Filament and Marble Filament comes in a cardboard box with recommended printing parameters and a brief summary. The plastic bag has been vacuum sealed, but it is not reusable. There is also a bag of desiccant inside to keep the filament dry during transport. The overall design for the packaging and filament spool is nice.

I’m using the IDEX dual independent extruder 3D Printer from JGmaker their Artist D Pro and using a 0.6 nozzle for these filaments. The basic setting I used was Infill 15%, perimeter shells 2, top solid layers 4, bottom solid layers 4, heat bed temperature at 55c, hotend temperature 220c and used a layer height of 0.24. With a 0.6 removable Artist D nozzle, I made several prints using this PLA filament. Let’s go check it out!


Featured 3D Models

This Marble Filament is everything Enotepad promised. The finish is glorious; you can almost convince yourself that you are holding a stone. The appearance is phenomenal! I had no issues using the Marble filament, no major stringing, nothing that can not be burnt off. Enotepad Marble PLA is a nice-looking filament with a realistic marble effect. This would be ideal for bridges and buildings.

In all fairness, I’m not a big fan of Carbon Fiber it’s maybe not super simple to print with this. I think we can all agree Enotepad Carbon Fibre PLA needs some more calibration than the Marble did far too much stringing. You do really need to take time to improve your 3D printer settings for it to work great. A great tip if u are ever using filaments and your support fails, try reducing the speed that you print the support. Carbon Fibre has an extraordinary strength to weight ratio, so they frequently add it to PLA or PETG for strength.

Tooth Brush Standz – By muzz64
StarWars Use the Force – By yb__magiic
Camera keychain – By 3Dmag
LOVE Statue – By 3Dmag



Enotepad PLA Carbon Fiber Filament Specifications

Model:PLA Carbon FiberDiameter Format 1.75mmN.W: 1kg
Print Temp.:190-230℃Print Speed:50-100mm/sCertificate: RoHS, Reach
Tolerance:±0.02mmPlatform Temp:Depends on the platform: No need or 60-80℃Packing Size: 209*209*73mm
Length:300mTensile Strength:11-14kgfMelt Flow Rate:11-16/10 min(220℃,10kg)

Enotepad PLA Marble Filament Specifications

Diameter:1.75MMPlatform Temp: Glue required if not heated. Glue unrequired if heated 60-80 ℃Length: 1.75mm(1KG)=330M
Tolerance:±0.02MMBubble:no bubble Tension(kgf): 11-16G.W: 1.3KG.roll,
Print Temp:200-230℃Melt Mass Flow Rate:7-9g/10min(190 ℃,2.16Kg)N.W.: 1 KG.roll,
Print speed:50-100mm.sBreaking elongation:4%


Where To Buy Enotepad PLA Filament

Its been a wonderful experience, and most of the 3D prints turned out surprisingly eye pleasing. It takes some time tuning the PLA filaments but once you get it right; it prints remarkably well. You can acquire the Marble filament and Carbon Fiber filament directly from Enotepad website.


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