Longer LK4 Pro 3D Printer Review – Pro Or No?

I previously reviewed the Longer LK4 but now, Longer 3D have produced a pro version! Longer 3D has come out with some fantastic printers so far, including resin printers such as the Orange 10 and the Orange 30! Read on to find out more about this printer and what differences there are compared to its predecessor.



  • Touch screen
  • Filament detection sensor
  • Open-source
  • Power failure recovery
  • TMC2208 drivers


The Longer LK4 Pro comes packaged in a cardboard box. Inside it is surrounded by protective foam, which is more than adequate to cushion any knocks. I like the addition of the sturdy cardboard corner protectors!

What’s inside?

Inside, you will find the following for your LK4 Pro 3D printer:

  • Instructions
  • Allen Keys
  • Spanner
  • Micro SD card with adapter
  • Cable ties
  • Power lead
  • Clips for hotbed
  • 5m of filament
  • All the parts to build the printer

It is sad to see that no scraper or snips are included as these are pretty much a must for 3D printing!

Putting it all together

If you’ve put together an Ender 3 before, you’ll have no trouble with this! The included instructions are proper, but not the best. A couple of things seem unclear, but its quickly figured out.

The first step is to install the uprights using four bolts secured from the bottom of the frame.

Next, we set up the extruder arm and secure the top frame piece.

We can now install the Z motor and rod to the extruder arm.

The limit switch is now secured into place and the spool holder secured to the top.

Now the heatbed is installed.

Finally, we can secure the touchscreen in place.

That is the printer now fully assembled!

All the tools you need are supplied to put this together. It must have taken me around 20 minutes to complete. The build quality is good, and the printer is sturdy. No major issues so far!

Let’s print!

On the included SD card are a selection of already sliced files. I noticed the Benchy, so I thought its a standard print, so let’s do it! I loaded up some pink Robosavvy filament I had lying around. The filament they give you is only 5 meters, so wouldn’t go very far!

It didn’t print too severely considering. Room for improvement, though!

Let’s try something else here is a dragon modelled by Creative Geeks MB

Any bad bits?

Only a couple of bad bits to note.

  • The touchscreen is excellent, and however, if a numerical keyboard were included, this would make it easier to type in the temperature you want, rather than going up or down in increments.
  • The power supply fan is quite loud. Holding a soundmeter to the back of the machine, this is the result:

There is no doubt that the fan can easily be swapped out for a much quite one, so isn’t a deal breaker for me.

Where can I buy it?

Longer have a store on Gearbest, of which you can get the Longer LK4 Pro for just under £180! Also, Longer have a store on Amazon of which you may be able to buy one of these depending on if they are stocking them. At the time of writing, they only had the original LK4 3D printer for sale.

If you do decide to get one of these, be sure to join their Facebook group! Lots of help on there if required.

Have a look at ahsaws review on the Longer LK 4 Pro, there is some quite interesting information to be found.

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To sum up, the Longer LK4 Pro is an excellent beginner printer. At under £180, it is a contender for the Ender 3. With the addition of the touchscreen and its TMC stepper drivers, it’s a great buy! Unfortunately, the noise of the PSU fan does let it down slightly, but something that can easily be changed.

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