Citadel Paints: How they are classified into different types?

Citadel paints are an important element that makes your miniatures collection. They contain a mixture of paints, tools, and techniques. In fact, these paints make painting full of fun, easy to learn and simply straightforward.  You can easily use the Citadel Painting system Link. Usually, it involves selecting your favorite colors, choosing the technique and applying in some simple steps. You will see amazing results in the end.

There are several types of Citadel paints. Let us discuss one by one in detail.

  • Spray Paints
  • Base Paints
  • Shade Paints
  • Layer Paints
  • Dry Paints
  • Glaze Paints
  • Edge Paints
  • Air Paints
  • Technical Paints
  • Texture Paints

Citadel Spray Paints

The Citadel spray paints assist the paint in adhering to your model. They also help to prevent it from chipping and rubbing off. Most often, many people utilize the undercoat spray. Hence, they can coat the entire units neatly and quickly. citadel sprays are a great way to quickly and easily prime plastic, metal or resin models.

Citadel Base Paints

As we all know the groundwork of the complete painting system depends on Citadel base paints. Therefore, a basecoat when well applied provides your work with a smooth starting point.  The basecoats involve Citadel Base paints, with excellent coverage and content of high pigmentation. You can use Citadel spray when your miniature is of one color. The example include Stormcast Eternals and Space Marines.  It is fast as compared to the base coating. Also, it gives you more time to remove your competitors.

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Citadel Shade Paints

The technique you can use with Citadel shade Paints is washing. It can bring out all the delicate textures and details on your miniature. Citadel Shades gives definite details to your model. Also, they offer effective and natural shading.

Citadel Layer Paints

Nowadays, painters prefer to use Citadel layer paints. They use light colors to create the highlights on the miniature’s raised areas. Also, they make the addition of light color layers. Citadel Layer Paints have a specific opacity so that they can be used with the base paints for amazing results.

Citadel Dry Paints

The best technique for confining the raised details is dry brushing. Generally, it makes the natural highlights of different models. For instance, Citadel dry paints work best on those models having sharp edges or small details. Dry Citadel Paints are intended to make this way of painting as easy as possible.

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Citadel Glaze Paints

Another advanced technique nowadays is glazing. Numerous professional painters use it for giving great effects to the miniatures. Overall, it is used for intensifying an area of color. Citadel Glaze Paints are particular washed that can make the layers and base coats stand out. Or, also merge the parts where the layers are too stark or too bright colors are used.

Citadel Edge Paints

These paints assist in giving your miniatures a bright, sharp, and final highlight. Usually, these Citadel Edge Paints contain the formula similar to the layer paints. But, there is a difference in the shade. Therefore, you can make use of them with the rest of these Paints range.

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Citadel Air Paints

This is the complete set of Citadel Air paints – fifty-one colors, exactly the same as the standard Citadel range, only this time formulated for use in your airbrush, with a pot of thinner to help you achieve the perfect consistency!

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Citadel Technical Paints

Citadel Technical paints are designed to help you achieve a range of effects, from creating rust and corrosion to the foetid slurry of Nurgle’s Rot or the bloody gore of Blood for the Blood God. The range also includes Agrellan Earth and Martian Ironearth for creating dry, cracked ground.

Citadel Texture Paints

Citadel Texture paint is designed to provide a swift, effective solution to detailing your bases. They contain microbeads, making them easy to apply smoothly to your bases.

In short, all types of Citadel Paints have different purposes and used differently. Hence, this guide contains a simple and straightforward method of painting the miniatures.


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