X Men Apocalypse 3D Model Review is Giant Sized

Apocalyse is one of many supervillains that interact with Marvel’s X Men teams. CreativeGeekMB brought this fanart to 3D life originally for his Patreon supporters. This model is reminiscent of various comics, cartoons and physical renditions of Apocalypse. However. he differs from the 2016 X Men Apocalypse movie, starring Oscar Isaac. Yes, that is the same Oscar from the recent Star Wars movies.

This particular Fanart Model interested me because of the design, FDM print-ability, and CGMB’s previous models’ quality. Additionally, I have been purchasing multiple figures for a large X Men diorama as they are released. CreativeGeekMB’s Apocalypse, Omega Red, Mr Sinister and Onslaught models will be an impressive addition to the overall scene. Future articles will feature printing some of these additional villains.

Apocalypse Render

Apocalypse Render

Apocalypse 3D Model Fanart Breakdown

CreativeGeekMB’s X Men Apocalypse 3D Model comprises nineteen (19) pieces with clean/hidden cut lines at the various armour joints. You may think nineteen is a lot of pieces for a single figure. As CGMB’s modelling skill increases, so does the detail level and the number of pieces required to assemble his 3D models. Regardless, here is a quick breakdown of the included cut and keyed pieces for this figure.

  • Base (2) – Two cut and keyed pieces
    • Printed as one solid piece while experimenting with Tenlog IDEX printer slicing options
  • Arm Cannon (1) – Single piece
  • Hoses (4) – Four unique pieces with shaped plugs for assembly and glueing
  • Body and Armor – Head, Neck Armor, Thorax (Chest and Arms), Shoulder Armor (2), Right Hand, Waist/Belt, Legs (2), Boots (2)
    Apocalypse Parts

    Apocalypse Parts

Figure Printing Goals

Every 3D printable figures project is a little different. Often I am using a new machine, material and/or profile. While printing this X Men Apocalypse 3D Model, I was using my new Longer Cube2 Mini Despite scaling up the 3D model, I used the compact print volume of the Longer Cube2. I used the machine to print as many parts as possible. It was a “small” challenge that created grand results.

  • Complete Print – Success
  • Print Model at giant 125% scale – Successful – Approximately 485mm plus the base
  • Utilize Cube2 Mini –  Successfully maximized printers build volume and created the basis for new Cura profiles I’m using with multiple machines.
  • Experiment with Tenlog TL-D3 Pro IDEX – Creatively used two different materials while printing the base and its supports. The tree supports looked so good, I still haven’t removed them!
  • Share my insights, printer settings, and inspire others to push past their current limits – Success? Let me know in the comment section.

The large-scale results of this Apocalypse model are incredible. Printing with small and slow layers resulted in high detail levels on all the pieces. Patience and multiple machines really pay off. The average print time was over 12 hours for a single piece!

The figure’s default 1/6 scale is oversized at around 390mm. However, Apocalypse used his mutant powers and grew to 125%. Now he towers over his enemies at a whopping 485mm (19 inches) without his base. The complete diorama measures nearly 585mm (23 inches) tall with the base at almost 300mm (12 inches) across.

Apocalypse IDEX Experiments

Apocalypse IDEX Experiments with a defective silk bronze PLA roll

Apocalypse 3D Model Filaments

For this FDM print of Apocalypse 3D Model, I used a few types and colors of PLA. While experimenting with my new IDEX 3D printer, I was attempting to use up a defective roll of SILK Bronze PLA that the manufacturer replaced for me. Here are more filament details.

  • Silver: Solutech PLA @ 195° C – All body Parts with Longer LK4 Pro and Cube2 Mini
  • White: PLA @ 195° C – Base outer/top/bottom walls with Tenlog TL-D3 IDEX
  • Bronze: Eryone Ultra Silk PLA @ 215° C – Skirt, supports and infill with Tenlog TL-D3 IDEX

Solutech’s Silver Metal colored PLA has created great-looking prints for several 3D printing projects. I did not take note of which basic white PLA I used while printing the base. The Eryone Bronze Ultra Silk PLA roll came from a defective batch. The manufacturer sent me a replacement, but I still struggle to create a good cura slicer profile. Rather than scrapping the first roll, I used it while experimenting with my newer IDEX 3D printer and Cura Slicer profile. Besides additional retraction requirements, both filament materials performed as expected.

Eryone ultra silk, bronze pla delivers a wonderful (revised) color. Unfortunately, two separate rolls printed with nearly zero layer adhesion regardless of setting or 3D printer changes. Have a look at this article of the Eryone ultra silk bronze to see the issues for yourself.

Apocalypse 3D Printing Details

As mentioned above, I printed this X Men Apocalypse 3D Model on three different printers. This included my Longer LK4-Pro, Longer Cube2 Mini and Tenlog TL-D3 Pro. I printed the figure with small and slow layers to ensure quality and consistency of the large-scale model.

  • Silver Apocalypse Figure –  0.10 mm Layers @ 50-60 mm/s
  • White/Bronze Base – 0.24 mm @ 60 mm/s

Every part that could be squeezed into the Cube2’s build volume was printed there for a past article. The remaining pieces easily fit on the LK4-Pro. Creative use of Cura’s dual extruder options was fun while setting up the TL-D3-Pro.

Apocalypse Model Quality and Cuts

This X Men Apocalypse Fanart looks like it jumped straight out of a comic book and onto my 3D printer. The figure captures the drawing styles as well as real-life textures and details. This mutated design is the best of both worlds! (PUN INTENDED).

Assembling Apocalypse was very easy, with curved cuts and properly sized keys. I performed minimal wet sanding to remove some support scar material. It still requires final sanding and blob removal prior to painting. However, the pieces fit together greatly with no excessive post-processing. CreativeGeekMB used large tapered pegs, which were not affected by the 125% scaled printing.

Overall, the model’s detail level and cut pieces are excellent. The hidden seams and sharp costume edges will make final assembly and painting easy for new and experienced model builders.

Apocalypse Cuts

Apocalypse Cuts

X Men Apocalypse 3D Printed Eye Candy

Here is a slideshow of my prints, whips, and completed model. Check out the detailed armour textures and sharp metallic edges. Even with minimal sanding and hot glue, the seams great.

NOTE: Although the model’s details and cuts are excellent, my support and retraction settings were a bit off for this project. Profile issues combined with the larger print scale have left more support and string clean up than I normally encounter. Do not let this deter you from purchasing and printing this model.

CreativeGeekMB 3D Models

CreativeGeekMB aka sephon66 aka Michel Ballares Rodriguez has a growing collection of 3D printable figures. As an Inov3D team member and Patreon supporter, I have printed and gained many of them. Most of CGMB’s work can be viewed at Arstation (link). Older 3D print models may be purchased individually on CGTrader (link). Current and future projects can be acquired at a fair price when you support Michel’s Patreon (link).

Previously I have reviewed Creative Geek MB – Flashpoint Dark Knight Batman model. That older model was also highly detailed with thirteen (13) pieces. I had fun making some custom cuts and using multiple PLA colors to emulate the 1960s Adam West costume. Several other CGMB figures have been started and I will finish them when my printers behave!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this X Men Apocalypse 3D Model review and another design from CreativeGeekMB.

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