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3D Print Latex rubber breakthrough – Plastic fantastic!

Researchers at Virginia Tech have found a way to 3D print latex rubber! As a result, this allows the ability to print a variety of elastic materials with complex geometric shapes. Latex Commonly known as the material used in gloves and paint, it refers to a group of polymers. These are long, repeating chains of molecules. These are coiled inside nanoparticles which are dispersed in water. We could use 3D printed latex rubber and alike rubbery materials for many different applications. These include medical use, shock absorbers, and even soft robotics. 3D printed latex rubber has only been written about...

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3D Printer Reviews

TronHoo BestGee T220S Lite 3D Printer Review

We've seen the launch of many new FDM 3D printers in recent months. With many pushing boundaries and some remakes of old classics. In this review, I'm going to look at Tronhoo's BestGee T220s Lite 3D printer. Who Are TronHoo TronHoo is a 3D printer and 3D printing filament, producer. TronHoo’s 3D products have been widely used in product R&D, mold manufacturing, medical industry, construction industry, accessories, and other fields. Tronhoo's aim is to discover the 3D printing solution that's right for you, to bring 3D printing technology into your life. Formed in 2017, Tronhoo has continuously worked to produce...

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3D Printer Filament Reviews

Sunlu Transparent PLA Filament Review

Printing with colourful filament is great, isn't it? So many bright and wonderful colours to choose from, but how about transparent PLA+ filament? I am using Sunlu Transparent PLA+ filament for this review. To me, it is a kind of exotic material as I guess it's not widely used. I wanted to print something solid with it, something with a few perimeters and then in vase mode to see how transparent it is. The solid print As I am using my CR10S with the Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend, I thought I'd print the XYZ 20mm calibration cube as I...

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3D Printer Resin Reviews

3D Resin Solutions Fast+ Resin Review – Cool Grey

3D Resin Solutions, the creators of the Hero resin have come up with a new product called Fast+ resin. It is a standard fast cure resin, impact resistance and with near engineering-grade tensile strength built-in. It should be a very good all-round resin, however, not as impact resistant as their “HERO - tough” resin but much faster printing and with higher tensile strength. Let's test this out on 3D printing multiple models! Fast Cure Resin Packaging The 3D Resin Solutions Fast+ Resin comes packaged in a branded box which is a pleasant touch and is padded full with bubble wrap...

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3D Printing Accessory Reviews

WhamBam Flexible Build System – It’s a steel!

After the success of the Flexible build plate for resin 3D printers, WhamBam sent me their Wham Bam Flexible Build System to review on my Creality CR10 Mini. Come and check out the process of installing and using this well-known build surface!. About the WhamBam Flexible Build System Having a hard time getting your 3D prints to stick to your bed? Does your print warp during a long print and destroy your work? Are you tired of temporary fixes such as glue sticks, hair spray, and painter’s tape? Once you get your print to stick, do you have to pry,...

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Laser Engraving Reviews

Aufero Laser 2 Laser Engraver And Laser Cutter Review

Aufero is the official sub-brand of Ortur Laser Engraver, Aufero's area of expertise is affordable laser Engravers and cutters. One of their best options is the Aufero laser 2 which we will be taking a look at today. The Aufero laser 2 has many laser module options and is the perfect diode laser for a beginner getting into the hobby or even someone who has some experience under their belt and is looking for a quality laser. Aufero Laser 2 Technical Specifications Model Number Aufero Laser 2 Certification CE Safety Features  1,  Active position protection 2, Exposure duration and limitation...

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Simplify3D Slicer Software – Simply the best for 3D printing?

Everyone has a favorite 3D printer slicer software, ranging from Cura, Pronteface, Slicer, and there are a lot of the free ones that are pretty decent as well. Despite this, Simplify3D is something else to me, with its premium price of $149 Simplify3D is so confident in their software that right under the price they claim "Try it for two weeks! If you don't love it, return it for a full refund." I have to admit that I am quite impressed with Simplify3D. What comes with your Simplify3D license? Powerful Software – the most powerful 3D printing software available, giving you...

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