iFactory One 4-in-1 Conveyor Belt 3D Printer Kickstarter

The iFactory One, with a tagline of “Simplicity for Infinity” is about to make an entry into the 3D printing market with the iFactory One kickstarter. If you are thinking that the tagline is overkill, then wait till you hear about the complete deal. What’s so special about this infinite z belt 3D printer? This might be one of your first questions. Well, there are “infinite” reasons to say that the iFactory3D belt 3D printer is about to change the way you think about 3D printers.  Having said this, with introducing affordable and portable conveyor belt 3D printer, where this innovative journey will stop, we cannot say. However, what can be said with authority is that this printer is going to have a major impact on the 3D printing industry. Especially for all the 3D printing enthusiasts out there.

With the inception of belt 3D printers that could be fitted on your side table, we can say there is quite a lot of disruptive aura associated with this printer because of Creality taking out their CR-30. We believe that iFactory One is a transition of 3D print technology from the traditional 3D printing of single units. The conveyor belt 3D printer design gives you the freedom to produce prints in batch production and unleashes your imagination. What exactly is iFactory bringing to the table, let’s have a look at a new 3D printer generation.

iFactory3D Story

How IFactory3D’s founders reach the decision of doing something unique. Well, the concept would best sound from the great minds that created it.  Martin Huber is an inventor, and Artur Steffen an entrepreneur, the founders of iFactory.

iFactory have constantly worked on their belt 3D printer since 2018 to bring it to perfection. Since then the belt and the belt system have improved a lot and costs decreased significantly. The files for the iFactory belt 3D printer will be released in the upcoming weeks on GitHub. These will include all the 3D printed and laser-cut parts, the remaining standard 3D printer parts, and the source code of the software. Also, the conveyer belt 3D printer will be available on the iFactory website soon.

Credits go to William SteeleBrook Drumm, and Zechy Coyte-King for helping iFactory to release their first affordable open source belt 3D Printer in 2018 on Thingiverse.

Why Was iFactory Created

Every invention or discovery has answers to a problem. So does iFactory when it launches its amazing new belt 3D printer. The problem in mind here was to provide an affordable infinite 3D printer solutions to 3D printing enthusiasts. Now, with the advent of the printer, you can let your imaginative printing run free and not be bound by any limiting Z-axis.

iFactory One Kickstarter Updates

As time goes by I will add all the iFactory One updates here.

Get To Know The iFactory One

The iFactory team has now got there first positive feedback from the iFactory One kickstarter backers, with some interesting questions from the 3D printing community. From this the iFactory team decided to make a live stream on facebook and on youtube to answer some questions, and show you the iFactory One 3D printer live.

IFactory Weekly Founder Session With Rene Westphal

Rene Westphal is from Germany and is passionate in the 3d printing field. In the last two and a half years Rene has grown his amount of 3d printers to 10. In the course of the iFactory one it has went through a lot of literations of belts from nylon to pei.

Are you new with belt 3d printers no need to worry about bed leveling because, the nozzle only touches one line of the belt you just need to level each corner and set your offsets then off you go.

From Next week iFactory will start to ship out the belt 3D printer to the Christmas backers Fingers crossed they will get to you before Christmas.

What was the major topics on this IFactory Live Stream

  • Different Types Of Belts Materials
  • Belt 3D Printer Beginner
  • iFactory One Calibration
  • Problems Cartesian Belt 3D Printers
  • Ai Software Updates PrinterGuard
  • Print Accuracy
  • Facial Hair
  • Does A Belt Printer Need a Cooling Zone
  • Upgraded Parts
  • IFactory Office Space
  • Frame Strength 2020 Extrusion
  • The Largest 3D Printed Christmas Tree

Rene Westphals Social Media Channels

De3DPrintMan Live With Martin Huber And Artur Steffen

De3DPrintMan is at the iFactory office on a live stream talking about the iFactory One. De3DPrintMan is a 3D printing blogger from Netherlands and he loves what he does. iFactory does have a big claim to keep if you are a Christmas backer and its not delivered by the 22nd of December you will get a 50% refund.

What was iFactory talking about on this live stream.

  • The Belt
  • Kickstarter Test 3D Print
  • IFactory One 3D Printed Parts
  • New 3D Printers
  • Print Quality And Speed
  • De3DPrintMan Overview On IFactory One
  • What To 3D Print On A Belt 3D Printer
  • Cloned 3D Printers
  • Software, Marlin, Octoprint, Slicer Cura
  • IFactory One Open Source
  • Is The Hardware Final
  • PrinterGuard 3D Print Error Detection
  • Giveaway
  • Ecosystem
  • What Makes This Belt Printer Better Than Others
  • Print Volume Bigger Than The Creality CR30
  • Secret Print Porn?
  • Next Level Backer Technical support

De3DPrintMan Social Channles

Twitter Instagram

Kickstarter Campaign for iFactory

So folks, the Kickstarter campaign is now live for this amazing conveyer belt 3D printer. You can now have your own factory at home with this endless 3D printer. Now, you have to decide what part you want to play in this campaign.

We at Inov3D believe that iFactory One is a 3D printer of the future. Currently, you can only find the conveyer belt 3D printers in industries and business complexes. However, with the advent of iFactory One, belt 3D printers will become available to enthusiasts too at an affordable price.

Furthermore, the opportunity to invest is great. There are not a lot of competitors for this printer. So you can easily have your investment reach out to thousands of enthusiasts immediately. Also, the simplicity of the printer and it’s straightforward operation will make it popular very quickly among beginner 3D printing enthusiasts.

Shipping Cost

  • Germany: €15
  • European Union: €29
  • Worldwide (rest of the world): €139

Specifications Of IFactory Belt 3D Printer

There is a lot to discuss about the specifications of the printer. But first, let’s have a look at the main tech-specs of the conveyor belt 3D printer. The iFactory One uses a durable belt and comes with all kinds of state-of-the-art features implemented not only in the firmware but on the printer itself.

For most parts, we also focused on already established form factors, parts, and firmware-configurations. Also, we are following the trend for silent stepper drivers so the printer will operate as silent as it could be. Buyers are not locked in from buying parts from iFactory they are easily accessible around the world.

Printer Volume: Infinite Z (L) 290 Y (W) 200 X (H)Machine Style: Belt 3D Printer 45″Display: 3.5″ (800×480 / Capacitive Touch)
Power Input: 110V/220V AC 50/60HzFeeder Type: Titan Bowden ExtruderNozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm Exchangeable
Print Speed: 20-100 mm/sPrint Quality: 0.05 – 0.3 mmMoving Speed: <200 mm/s
Max Nozzle Temp: 260°Nozzle Heat Up Time: 2 minutesFilament: PLA, PETG, TPU, ASA, NYLON, ABS..
Filament Diameter: 1.75 mmMonitoring: Wi-Fi Camera > Raspberry Pi V1.3Slicer Software: Cura IFactory 3D
Printing Software: Octoprint IFactoryWarrenty Period: 1 YearWeight: 18KG


The iFactory One 3D printer has the design of a core XY 3D printer utilizing the X and Y axis movement with an infinite Z-axis. The basic difference in its design when compared to the contemporary 3D printers.

+ 45° printing angle.
+ Belt enables automatic cleaning of the build plate.
+ Using the belt and the 45° angle, you can print objects larger than the 3D printer.

Infinite Z-Axis

As amazing as it sounds, the Z-axis is really infinite in this conveyor belt 3D printer. This means that the belt works as the Z-axis. As a result, enabling you to print an infinite number of 3D prints and of all sizes in the Z-axis.

Remote Monitoring Of Print With A HD Camera

No matter if you are having a jog or having fun with your friends. You will not have to worry about monitoring the printer from close-up. The online integration of iFactory’s printer makes it accessible remotely. The HD camera on the top of the 3D printer gives you a real-time live view of what’s printing. Furthermore, you get notifications from the iFactory One no matter where you are. All you need for this is the printer’s app and an internet connection.


The Belt

Let’s talk a little about the all-acclaimed belt of the printer. They make the conveyor belt that gives you infinity is made with durable polymer. This material is made to act as a stable and durable base for your prints.

Size And Dimensions

The iFactory One gives you the feeling that you have a personalized factory, but its amazingly compact size makes it even more interesting. The exact dimensions of the printer are 710 mm x 640 mm x 500 mm. As a result, the conveyor belt 3D printer can be fixed on a table in any of your rooms. Making it an extremely portable and simple solution to achieve an infinitely high number of creative designs.

Automatic Removal Of Printed Objects

We all know removing the printed objects from the print bed can become an issue at times. The print might even get damaged in the process. However, you will not have to worry about this issue anymore with this conveyor style 3D printer. The prints will remove themselves off the belt and the next in line will follow.

Multiple Prints With One Setting

The revolutionary aspect of the iFactory 3D printer is that you can print as many prototypes as you want to with one set-up instead of changing the set-up every time you print.

Efficient And Speedy Printing

With a maximum print speed of 20-100 mm/s and a moving speed of <200 mm/s, you can expect very good printing speed. Furthermore, the moving belt does not impact the print quality of the build.

Print Quality

Of course, iFactory 3D printed the Kickstarter Autodesk 3D Printer Test: (30/30)


  • Designed, assembled and quality checked in Germany
  • Parts are easy to customize & repair (available as OpenSource)
  • A complete ecosystem is being built around the iFactory 3D printers that you can capitalize on.

PrinterGUARD Error Detection



With having the cloud-capable options, this enables iFactory or others to access securely your 3D printer for printing or trouble shooting. Also, you can order parts from other makers in your area. Having the Rasberry Pi Model A3+ included in the iFactory One kickstarter is a significant benefit for new business models and interactions for makers with their community are possible. iFactory3D will also support you on that journey, by providing a commercial exchange platform for files and services amongst owners of the iFactory One with external customers.

Included Software

 Cura iFactory Edition

IFactory3D are using a modified version of Cura that is optimized for belt printers.

Conveyor Belt 3D PrinterOctoprint iFactory Edition

IFactory are using a modified OctoPrint on the included Raspberry Pi Model A3+ for local and remote access via the cloud, for PrinterGUARD, and also for the touchscreen interface.

Marlin Firmware

The iFactory One 3D printer comes with Marlin that is modified. Also, functions like Thermal Runaways and StallGuard are active by default.

iFactory One Kickstarter Products

iFactory One KickstarteriFactory One Kickstarter Milestones

iFactory One Kickstarter

Service and Support for the iFactory One Belt 3D Printer

Moving on from the printer, now let’s discuss a bit about the service and support that the iFactory team is promising to provide to its clients.

Online Training

If you think you will need some training for operating this printer than you can easily access iFactory’s online training program. The program is conducted by the company’s lead engineers. These engineers are available for training our clients on the usage of this amazing printer.

Technical Support

No matter if you are from Germany, Italy, or Russia, you will get technical support in your own language. This is in addition to the English support that is provided for international clients. Therefore, you can see that no matter what your language is, you will get support from the iFactory team to get hands on with this affordable belt style 3D printer.

Remote Quality Check

Like every other service being provided remotely, the Quality check and any other issues that might arise during the usage can be resolved online. This means that if you open the box and observe any issue with the printer, you can contact iFactory’s quality control, and they will guide you through the rest of the process.

Most Common Questions Regarding the Printer

Can I use multiple materials with this printer?

Yes, you can use PETG, PLA, ABS, ASA, TPU, PC, NYLON.

What is the way to insert filament?

You can easily insert the filament into the extruder like in every other 3D-printer. Furthermore, there will also be an auto-unload and auto-fill option available on the LCD display of the printer.

How Long Should I wait for my Print to Complete?

Although the exact time of print would depend on the print settings, however, the average settings for a 20x20x20mm cube will approximately take around 20 minutes to print.

Can the printer Automatically detect failures?

Yes, iFactory has released the PrinterGUARD failure detection system in the alpha version of the printer. The system can detect several common failures. Also, a program is being developed to automatically restart printing as per the user settings.

Multiple printing is the biggest charm, how can I achieve it?

Just like you take prints from an ordinary printer; you set the number of copies you need from the design. Similarly, in the iFactory One, you can set the number of prints you require in the Slicer and then the printer will produce that many prints. Once a print is done, the belt will roll and it will remove the printed part from the Infinite Z belt. Once the previous print is complete, the printer starts printing the next one. So multiple prints are now possible just by entering the number of copies you need.

Is material support required?

For most of the objects, it needs no support. Using the 45° angle, you can print objects with no infill or support. For some very complex objects, you still need to place support.

Why Should You Invest In iFactory One Kickstarter Campaign

Well, this concludes one of the most disruptive printers that we have done. Indeed, iFactory3D has set the bar high for new innovators of the 3D printing industry. It is imminent from the problem-solution relationship in the minds of the founders that an affordable solution to a problem is the best business opportunity.

Furthermore, developments and improvements in 3D printers come from the feedback received from the 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists. Therefore, there are multiple opportunities for the conveyor bet 3D printer to rise above its competitors pretty soon. For now, we think that simplicity, affordability, and innovation are the leading features of the iFactory One infinite Z 3D printer that will thrust into the 3D world.

Enjoy the desktop-sized conveyor belt 3D printer that enables production at scale from home. Turn the iFactory One into your partner for your project, startup, or business, as it just works and works and works. Break physical boundaries by inventing objects of infinite Z length. Print any quantity to realize your craft, hobby, or entrepreneurial idea. The conveyor belt technology makes your dreams come true.

Come and pledge your alliance to the iFactory One team!


I will add more updates onto this article when iFactory One Kickstarter campaign updates.

iFactory One Kickstarter

iFactory One 3D Printer Review (Coming soon)

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